New video: “My Youtube tutorial – TPE head Total Overhaul” from Mishka

Makeover of a TPE Doll Head   YouTube.jpg

Mishka is a senior member of TDF. He produced some tutorials to help us to maintain our dolls, so that they always remain beautiful and comely!

This is a new tutorial that shows how to remove makeup, fix/glue on eyelashes, and put on makeup.

Also, how to repair a simple tear on an ear and various handling workflow for a total re-doing of a head from scratch. This is something you would do to redo a head with lot’s of old make-up and bad eyelashes, a few tears on the skin etc..

What you need is TPE glue (reallovesexdolls or 1AM)

Upper eyelashes you can get from … 5011&psc=1

Lower eyelashes … 2470955011

Makeup Remover (works Excellent!) (Careful – removes painted eyebrows too!) … 2470955011

Makeup kit … 2470955011

Brushes … 5011&psc=1

My favorite and very soft … 2470955011



Mishka’s Youtube Channel:

The TDF Thread:

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