New Torso with Hugest BUTT

Hey Guys …

I’ve prepared a huge mega giga gallery of over 100 photos of YL Doll’s new torso, here with the #186 head.

This torso boasts the biggest ass in production today with huge thighs and super big breasts.

Before you get a video (which shouldn’t be long now), you will be able to see it in detail from every angle!

Feel free to give me your opinion and share with all your  (big dolls fans) friends.



All YL Doll New Biggest Butt Torso specifications

  • Height: 92cm – 36.2in
  • Shoulder: 34cm – 13.4in
  • Upper bust: 114cm – 44.9in
  • Under bust: 68cm – 26.8in
  • Waist: 61cm – 24in
  • Hip: 146cm – 57.5in
  • Thigh: 82cm – 32.3in
  • Weight with head: 51kg – 112.4lbs
  • Weight without head: 49kg – 108lbs


BUY Your YL DOLL 92cm (3ft) Curviest Sex Doll Torso with Huge Hips – on SRSD – 1,649 USD


0 thoughts on “New Torso with Hugest BUTT”

  1. OMG!!! ????
    It is absolutely necessary to make one with arms and legs, because it is a really beautiful doll !!!

  2. rickysanders29

    I love every shape and curve on this doll. The hardest decision is to chose between ebony, peach white skin or get them both!!
    I wont lie it would be cool if she had some arms.

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