New Torso from WM Dolls with pierced nipples

WM Dolls now offers us its brand new torso for lovers of practical, sexy and very functional sexdolls.

It is perhaps not what one should say of a sex doll, but it is necessary to admit that when one cannot, that one does not want to leave his/her sex doll because it is necessary to move it, to install it, to dress it a little to make it sexier… Well, one is quite happy to find his/her torso, easy to install to have fun with a small hour, even less!

I’ve already introduced you to some excellent torsos that I love, including the Torso B15 from WM Dolls, which is one of my favorite models.

I invite you to see what our friend @tofa3118 is doing with his torso, and I think it will make you want to …

So what’s new on this B19 torso (that’s his code name) from WM Dolls?

Well, almost everything, actually. This torso measures 27.5 inches or 70cm and weighs quite heavy for a model without arms or legs. This seems a bit smaller than the other torso’s which usually measure around 33.5 inches or 85cm.

WM Dolls B19 Torso

Three main points characterize this Sex Doll model: Her huge breasts, her “pierced” nipples and her prominent abs. I could of course add her good big ass, her articulated spine, and her very detailed pussy.

WM Dolls B19 Torso

Pierced nipples

Is it a new fashion? This is not the first model that has it, since I showed you last year in photo and video the amazing YL Doll 5ft2 160cm with its huge breasts and giant nipples that you can penetrate. To believe that making tits that can be penetrated makes them very heavy, since this model is close to 90lbs or 40kg.

WM Dolls B19 Torso

This Torso is therefore dedicated to sex. It was made mainly for that. You have 5 different holes to have fun! I think that’s more than enough, and you also have to add her between the breasts because her two tits are bound to motivate you!

Even if this torso is a sextoy, you will be able to dress it a little bit with a little swimsuit (often the easiest to find) or a nice lingerie. It will make it even more appetizing.

WM Dolls B19 Torso specifications

Height:27.5in – 70cm
Bust:48in – 122cm
Lower bust:26.8in – 68cm
Waist:22.8in – 58cm
Hips:49.6in – 126cm
N.weight:74lbs – 33.6kg

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