New silicone softness on DS girls

Seen on TDF: a new formula of Silicone solution provide a new softness skin sensation for DS Doll

DS Doll gives some information:

  • We never stop improving all aspects of the doll, and now we can once again be proud to introduce to you our new changes.
  • The newly developed silicone skin with a more human touch of class.
  • A new material greatly reduces the amount of oil than the original 90%, significantly reducing your maintenance costs, you can have more time and dolls from morning till evening, without having to worry about the oil problem.
  • New materials to enhance the level of security, from food to medical grade level, to provide customers with safe and easy to use baby is always our goal to pursue, and we hope that our ongoing efforts to give your life to bring more beautiful.
  • The bad news is that due to the replacement of materials, our cost and process difficulty is greatly enhanced. The good news is that you need to spend the same as before the price you can buy new products.

There are some photos about this new silicone:










And a new video:

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