New sex video with Riley from RockHard

Do you like taking from behind?… i love too. And i am a fan of little big busty Riley from Wm Dolls.

RockHard made a series of sex video with this beauty. And the #5 episode is about her ass… 
Riley doll 5

Riley doll 5   xHamster.com2

And specifically the small hole…

Riley doll 5   xHamster.com3

to see the video, you’ll have to contact RockHard…

the link of the video:

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  1. Hey realdolladdict, I have some videos up on XH. Have vids for 88cm San Hui and 65cm TPE. Have an 80cm elf and a 100cm Riley on order. I have unlocked my short Teaser vids for all to see. If your followers create a XH account and send me a pm that they saw them here I will grant them temp access to all of the vids(normally I require folks to have content on their account but I will make an exception for your followers)

    Your site is very informative and helped me decide which dolls I wanted to purchase. All of my pics are open to everyone. Feel free to use them here on your site if you want. Great site you have here. Hope you keep it going.

    Link to my XH profile:
    ****NOTE: The 65cm vids have been in waiting status for over a day and should be live soon.

    1. Hi @Dollhammer Thanks a lot for your comment and your lovely proposition for my followers!
      I will write a post to promote your account on XH… All will be so exciting.

      1. Thanks @realdolladdict. I don’t get paid for the vids, I just want to increase exposure/acceptance for dolls. Folks buy dolls for different reasons: some for companionship, some for sex, some for both. Also the vids let people see the actual size of the non-life size dolls compared to a person.

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