New Sanhui Huge Boobs 165cm …


Great news on TDF: Sanhui will produce a new 165cm … R Cup!!!

Sanhui is finally able to re-log-in the forum! The past months’ log-in had been extremely difficult probably due to cyber control by gov here in this country. During this critical period, Sanhui Team has been unceasingly working towards better products to recipricate all supports from doll lovers~ These advancements include but not restricted to new models, upgrade to textured skin on almost all models, new heads, more flexible and durable skeleton, standing feet, customizable size of orifices etc. Above all, business is expanding thus Sanhui Studio and factory are expanding and to move to a new site/address :wink: Thanks for continuing supports for the team!

Hereby release photos of R-cup babe whose boobs are gel implant-jiggly from Shanghai Expo and modified version of Elfie is to come in an individual post~

You could see below the pics added on the TDF thread and the link to pick up more info.


TDF Thread:

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