New Ruby13 model with face #14 send to the first lucky fan

Ruby13 is  one of the best brand in the little high quality dolls world. Their atypical models really appeal to your imagination and fantasies. And i love that!


Ruby13 had developed three bodies with different breast size. They have “opted to spend the extra bucks on the finest platinum grade additional cure silicone available”.

But today, Brash, Top manager of Ruby13, give us the info of the first model “out the door” created for a customer with the all new face #14:



So we wanted to show off the latest Ruby13 doll to go out to her
new owner. So happy to be catching up on our orders after last years fiasco.
Another shout out to those who have been so patient with us. It means a lot.

here is a Ruby Body in medium tone with very soft boobs in platinum silicone.
head 14 with blue eyes and a $100 wig (wigs can make a huge difference)


The TDF announcement:

The Ruby13 website:


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