*NEW* Riley Updated 100 cm. Now with anal.


Riley is the WM Doll’s success of this year. And the company still continue to listen to its customers and, after the medium breast, they updated the 100cm body with a new anal feature!

Is it the perfection?

(EDIT) -> I just add the pic of the Riley’s body with anal hole…. OMG

A new Information from Wm Dolls

Hello everyone.

I just wanted to inform you that our 100 cm doll, every version, now comes with working anal opening. I know a lot of people have told us that they wanted this so we have developed it for you. This is built in only, no insert. I will try to get some pictures for you. Hope you all like :)


Riley 100cm Wm Dolls with anal hole

Riley 100cm Wm Dolls with anal hole


The TDF LInk:


0 thoughts on “*NEW* Riley Updated 100 cm. Now with anal.”

    1. Hi Rick
      the measurements given by factory: Bust: 24.8″, Waist: 14.9″, Hips: 23.9″ (B: 63cm , W: 38cm X H: 60cm)
      In detail:
      Without head height:85cm
      Head to vagina :58cm
      Shoulder width:22cm
      Lower chest:40cm
      Vagina depth:16CM
      Mouth depth:11CM

      This doll is a incredible success, and there is many post on TDF about how to find some clothes for her. A solution for shoes: http://www.halloweencostumes.com/toddler-white-gogo-boots.html (http://dollforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=198&t=60420&p=745242)

      1. You’re welcome!
        Please could you send me some photos when you’ll receive your Riley? Have fun

  1. Hey guy! I am thinking about buying Riley as my 1st doll. But i have some doubts ( obviously^^) I say many online stores with Riley but i cannot choose the only one. Can some1 advise me, please?) I am looking for a a specific style ( eyes/ wig/ face/ clothes) https://realdolladdict.wordpress.com/2015/02/02/third-new-post-about-the-new-100cm-tpe-atomic-bomb-riley/#jp-carousel-2983 also as i can see every Riley comes with an anal from this post?
    I hope someone can send me a good store with World Wide delivery) Cheers mates!
    p/s sry for my english, i just started mt lessions)

    1. Hi
      could you tell us where do you come from?
      There are so many doll’s stores now!
      You could visit the TDF on dollforum.com, and ask directly the vendors.
      Have a nice day

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