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Sumi is great little doll with big boobs. She’s a Korean TPE beauty with XXL booty.

A new owner described his doll on TDF and i could not resist to take this review here.

@Aulis is a great fan and he listed all the pros and cons.

===== PROS =====

Soft Surface:
When I touched her, I felt 20-30% softer feeling than other TPE dolls. From head to toe, she was made of the same soft material.

Beautiful Breasts:
Her breasts define the perfect shape. I could not stop to photo shooting! :oops:

Comfortable Butt:
Just like official video, the softness of butt is perfect. I guess it’s the best butt in the “under $4,000 dolls” market.

She weighs super light! It’s very easy to handle and move her (even upstairs). Maybe the body weighs only 20-22kg.

Less Odor:
Her smell is very weak. Especially the head has no smell where is the most important part.

Some pics of his beauty:

===== CONS =====

Short Height:
Compared to other life-sized doll, she looks tiny. So, the butt looks smaller than I expected. It would be nice if they release a larger doll.

No Air on Breasts:
The breasts are all made with a single material, no air cavity in it, so it requires some power to squeeze breasts. I think smaller breasts were appreciated. is one of my partner, and @Mig, the owner, is a great guy. And it seems that @Aulis had the same opinion:

===== About Order =====

Amazingly fast. I choose international bank transfer (Asia to Hong Kong), and the transfer succeeded in a single day!

Shipping Time:
Super fast. It took only 12 days from the order to receiving (payment + production + shipping = 1 + 8 + 3 days).

Very well supported. They quickly answered my various questions and kindly accepted all customization preferences like skin color and makeup.

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