New pics and vids of 158cm body from DiddleWorld


Diddleworld site is a US-based adult toy store, and sources some of the products from Hong Kong.  The Life Size TPE love doll  5’18” / 158CM with a full built-in metal skeleton is one of their best dolls. Today DiddleWorld released two vids about her.

I wanted also you meet Soo Jin… Soo Jin is a uniquely hot Korean girl.

Soo Jin has 3 different sizes to choose from:  4’53”, 4’86”, 5’18″ / 138cm, 148cm, 158cm

I remember you that you can benefit of big promo:

azumi-love doll-diddleworld-12Visitors come from are entitled to a 13% discount with Coupon Code “REALDOLLADDICT“.
Customers that shipping fee is unable to be deducted, therefore DiddleWorld give out more discount to cover their shipping fee.
Buy your Azumi at :




Vids of 158cm body (Azumi)



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