Here’s a brand new AF Dolls sex doll. And you will be able to enjoy it widely, since I propose you today 2 series of photos with the face 131, called “Sophie” (probably a French first name) and plus… 2 videos!

So for those of you who like round women, take a few minutes on this post, you should like it.

The NEW PAWG (Phat Ass White Girl)

This sex doll is 5ft2 (1m61) tall and above all well chubby. She has a waist circumference of 79cm or 31.1 inches and a hip circumference of 102cm or 40.16 inches.

This sex doll is really really nice big one, we can say, a PAWSD (Phat Ass White Sex Doll)….

She doesn’t have the biggest ass in production, since this title goes to the SY Doll 163cm 5ft4 G Cup and its 56 inches (142cm) of hip circumference.

When you’ve gone around your ass, and it may take a little while, you have to consider the rest of the beauty.

A well-kept and European face #131

Face #131 is a western face, and given the first name chosen to designate it, a European face of the west.

She is blonde and brownish in the pictures and videos. She has pretty blue eyes, and a slightly discreet mouth. She’s distinguished.

This face is quite elongated with a rather long and straight nose.

Natural and medium tits

Her breast is not very big. She has a H Cup size. For me, of course, it’s not big enough, but you don’t always need sex dolls with big tits, I think.

The nipples are quite well placed, even if they appear a little high (?).

AF Doll 161cm 5ft2 H Cup Tits

Sex and Anus

There we find ourselves with a well drawn sex, but with an anus maybe a little too much in the middle. I’ll need your opinion.

It is true that it depends a lot on the position of the sex doll, and I think that she must especially like the doggy positions.

Buy your DARLA – 161CM | 5′ 2″ – H CUP (HYBRID – SILICONE HEAD + TPE BODY) just for $2,124.00  $2,599.00 on Sex Doll Genie

AF Dolls 161cm 5ft2 H Cup Fat with #131 Silicone head

AF Dolls 5ft2 161cm H Cup Specifications

  • Material:TPE
  • Height: 161cm – 5ft2
  • Weight:48kgs – 105.82lbs
  • Bust: 93cm – 36.61in
  • Waist: 79cm – 31.1in
  • Hips:102cm – 40.16in

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