New Fitness SexDoll From WM Dolls

A new sexdoll from WM Dolls and it’s immediately an event!

WM Dolls is a major player in our small world of sexdolls fans. And after these victories at the sda Best SexDolls Awards in 2019, this manufacturer offers us a new version of its 5ft4 167cm sexdoll. And yes, you must remember this first version with its great pair of big tits (N Cup): “White Lace Dress on Huge Boobs“.

A light version

For this new sexdoll, we inevitably lose a little bit of bust measurement with 2 inches or 5 cm, and especially waist measurement with 3 inches or 7 cm less!

On the other hand, for the moment, I have the information that it would be 2.5lbs or 1 kg heavier, which does not seem logical to me, considering the reduction made.

For a fitness version, she also needed a body a little more muscular, and WM Dolls was not mistaken, since her belly clearly displays abs. And it is very apparent!…

WM Dolls 5ft4 167cm Fitness with #172 head

The thighs also benefit from this particular “Fitness” treatment and the beautiful one, without being a body builder, is found with a body of addictive sportswoman. The buttocks are very marked. They are well bulging backwards and the sides are relatively hollow.

WM Dolls 5ft4 167cm Fitness with #172 head

Fortunately, it preserves a beautiful tits without muscles. It’s prettier that way (at last to my opinion).

Her blue eyes are just beautiful. I love that very light color. Face #172 is very American. She’s too beautiful with her blonde hair and makeup. She has a small nose and a thin mouth.

For this series of pictures, obviously, we had to see her as a sportswoman… Well she is a real American! She chose to be the first cheerleader supporter. At least at the beginning, because afterwards, she lets us quickly check out her body and her apparent muscles.

WM Dolls 5ft4 167cm J Cup Fitness

  • Height: 167cm – 5ft4
  • Upper Bust:93cm – 36.61 in
  • Hips:60cm – 23.62 in
  • Waist:88cm – 34.65 in
  • Weight:42kgs – 92.59lbs

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