New Excellent Suki Review by Adventurer


Adventurer wrote an excellent review of Suki from SILIDOLL, and took some great photos of his beauty.

This review is the longest about Suki. Please take a seat and have fun!

Choosing Suki

dsc_5744Owning a love doll has been a fantasy of mine for quite a long time. I remember visiting this forum shortly after the original RealDolls became popular and thinking I’d never be able spend that kind of money to indulge my doll fantasies.

When, after a long time, life circumstances afforded an opportunity to own a doll, I came back to this forum to find dozens of reasonably-priced and gorgeous TPE dolls. I knew I wanted a smaller doll because I still need to store it out of view, did not want to deal with manipulating anything over 50 pounds, and have a limited budget.

This narrowed my search to the 100-135 cm range, but there were still so many dolls to choose from. I narrowed my search down to a few popular 100, 110, and 125 cm models but Suki was always a favorite.

She had an irresistible look. In truth, I probably looked at Sili Doll’s photos of her over 100 times – I would research other manufacturers and vendors, but I just kept coming back to Suki. When she went on sale during black friday, I knew she was the one. The price was right for me at the time and I ordered her.

Ordering Suki

Ordering from Mig and was an overwhelmingly positive experience. I needed to postpone delivery of my Suki until this month, but also wanted to lock in the sale price. Mig was happy to accommodate, and provided instruction on how to not have Suki delivered to my door, so as to be more discrete.

img_0280I also discussed several customization options with Mig. I decided on a regular bust size Suki made in a Japan Light White skin tone, the same as is used by Silidoll’s newer models, like Suri and possibly Sukiwaai.

Its supposed to be a slightly softer TPE formula, and I thought it cool to have a more unique doll, since most, if not all, of the Suki’s I’ve seen are the “Original Tan”, which is quite sexy as well. It was a difficulty decision, but a striking similarity between Suki and a certain ‘very chilly’ princess (thanks to Anung for pointing that out) demanded the lighter skin option. In addition, I asked for denser makeup, the inclusion of an extra set of eyes (green and brown) and wig (blonde and brunette), and for the blonde wig to be braided, of course.

I still wasn’t exactly certain about some details of the doll when ordering, especially in regards to the labia and some aspects of the skeletal structure. From what I can tell, Silidoll updates their products from time to time, and the information on their website can be a little confusing. There are sometimes discrepancies between their website photos and descriptions and what’s reported by customers in this forum. Exact information was difficult to find though I’m sure I could have cleared up any questions with a quick email to Mig. In the end though, I decided to roll the dice and see what I got.

Mig was happy to accommodate all of my requests with a negligible charge for the extras, and was prompt to respond to my many questions. Production and shipping were quick as well. It took around 12 days from final confirmation of the order to picking it up at DHL. Not at all bad considering that my Suki was made to order and then shipped overseas.

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Unboxing Suki

I picked up Suki from DHL, and it seemed she had been handled fairly well, but without respect to the box orientation. I opened her box carefully, and found the packing to be adequate. It wasn’t fancy, but it kept her safe enough. There were no directions or care instructions included, but I found an great assortment of goodies.

Silidoll threw a free wig in the box, along with the two I had requested. I’m glad they did, because it’s the one I use the most, which allows me to reserve the others for photos. I also found the usual included outfits and accessories. The irrigator is a good addition, though I do wish a drying tool was included. Maybe a custom made dowel with a sponge and doll friendly tip? I have not yet tried the vibrating egg.

dsc_5714I detected only a slight TPE odor, which was not at all overpowering. The smell was somewhat sweet, fairly mild, and reminiscent of other toys I’ve owned. I was certainly relieved given some of the bad experiences with TPE I’ve heard recounted on this forum.

Immediately upon removing her from the box, I was overwhelmed by Suki’s quality and beauty. She is a very solid doll, heavier than I expected, and seems well made overall.

At the same time, her features are delicately sculpted and quite feminine. Her seam lines are barely noticeable, and are only highly visible when she is under stress from posing.

I will say, it was a bit of strange feeling to place Suki’s head on her body for the first time. She suddenly felt so lifelike! I honestly was not expecting such quality given the price, even after reading many positive reviews. Yet there she was, in all her beauty. It’s good to be wrong sometimes!

Getting to Know Suki

img_0281I inspected Suki carefully and, recalling the many good discussions about care, movement, and so much more here on TDF, began to play with her.

The main joints, i.e. shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees, were tight, but the hinges are easily manipulated when worked properly.

Suki’s skeleton is very posable, especially in its main joints. Her ankles and wrists are wire however, and are much weaker. I immediately noticed that left wrist was looser than the others, and it has since broken completely to the point where the left hand will no longer retain a pose.

I think a hinged joint would have lasted much longer, and I’m now quite concerned about that hand. I hope future generations will include proper joints at the wrists and ankles. That said, I’ve contacted Mig about the issue, and will update the thread when a solution is reached.

Out of the box, Suki’s skin was absolutely flawless. Her light skin is pale but with a vibrant, lifelike quality. Suki arrive clean and powdered, leaving her skin smooth and supple. Excluding temperature and lack of body hair, her skin replicates the sensation of human touch very, very well. There were no blemishes to be found, hardly even a seam, and her skin detail exceeded my best expectations.

I knew, from my research, that she had the most detailed hands and feet in dolls of her class but I wasn’t expecting the level of detail around vagina and anus. Both are very well sculpted.

Her img_0269anal entrance appears to be smaller and more detailed than previous iterations, and it’s beyond sexy.

The labia and clit were the best surprise as they appear to be an entirely different sculpt from earlier versions.

An update to Suki’s vagina is listed on, but this one is different from the one dollafficianado posted in his review. It’s much nicer too, in my opinion, containing subtle and realistic details for a sexy and refined look from all angles and poses.

Suki’s face has small, delicate features with large and detailed moveable eyes. She is an extremely cute girl.

Her large and wide eyes are reminiscent of anime characters without detracting from the illusion that she could be a real person. I quickly found that she can give a variety of looks ranging from quizzical and surprised to euphoric and sultry. Perfect.

Her face looked excellent out of the box with professional quality makeup. She can look a little immature and basic without makeup, but I’ve found she is easily restored if you follow the tutorials provided by the vendor and TDF members. A little work makes her face truly come alive.

Suki’s body is fantastic. She is a little firmer than I expected, but her firmness leaves an impression of quality, yet is still supple enough to make for some great experiences. Being my first doll, I have no true basis for comparison in terms of softness.

That said, I wouldn’t change a thing about the exterior of her body. Suki has ample breasts that are well sculpted and feel great in the hand due to their weight and fullness.

I think the nipples of my Suki may be slightly different from others I’ve seen, but they are equally as beautiful. The breasts and body bounce, shake, and shimmy in really sublte, exciting, and sometimes surprising ways.

Her waist transitions gracefully down to her hips in a womanly curve that frames her flat, somewhat athletic stomach. Suki’s booty is small, but well proportioned to her body, which contributes to her slim and athletic appearance. Suki has fairly thin arms and legs that are subtly contoured to highlight her joints.

dsc_5740Suki’s hands and feet are reproduced in extreme detail. They are soft and incredibly realistic to the touch. My Suki does not have finger wires, which I am grateful for.

They seem like a potential vulnerability and personally, I like the free movement of her fingers during photography and play. I again wish that wrist and ankle joints were hinged for strength, instead of wired, but otherwise they are perfect.

Ultimately, I think Silidoll has done an excellent job in designing this doll. She is petite and thereby remains manageable, while providing the experience of being with a feminine mature woman.

For one, she is surprisingly dense and heavy, constructed from solid TPE all the way to the skeleton. Her weight is convincing and realistic. Her proportions and features are those of a young, athletic adult, with fantastically large breasts. She is always strikingly beautiful and inviting.

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My Weekend with Suki

I’ve spent only a short time with Suki so far, but I’ve been able to experience her in so many ways. Sex with her is great. She takes and holds positions well and can be repositioned relatively quickly (though carefully) due to her size and weight, usually without breaking the heat of the moment.

I imagine this would not be possible with some larger dolls. At the same time, Suki is large enough that I can usually interact with her during sex in ways that are similar to how I would with a real person.

Without going into too much detail, I can say with certainty that if you spend enough time with her, you’ll find several excellent sex positions that do not put strain on her body. Suki has three absolutely fantastic orifices, which are all well-placed on the body for accessibility during play.

img_0289The vaginal canal is by far my favorite. The internal texturing feels better than any previous toy I’ve used (including fleshlights, Meiki sleeves, Meiki hips, Tenga). It is deep enough to accommodate above average size men, and expands nicely to a tight but very pleasant fit.

Impressively, Suki’s vagina feels anatomically correct when a finger is placed inside. Intimate details, like a G-spot, are not forgotten here. She is tight but forgiving during intercourse, and she will sometimes seem to gently squeeze you or provide mild suction depending on the position.

Either way, it’s enough to feel like she’s actually responding to you, both vaginally and throughout her entire body, which jiggles nicely along with your movement. Trust me, it’s good. It’s very, very good.

The anal canal does not have quite the same level of internal detail as the vagina, but still performs admirably. It has internal concentric ribbing that, while not quite as convincing to the fingers as the vagina, simulates anal sex impressively well. It feels very authentic. The entrance is small, and looks great before and during use, but most likely requires additional caution due to its small size.


Suki’s mouth is likewise amazing. It produces excellent suction and slurps when large amounts of lube are used. Her face does deform quite a bit during oral and the cavity is pointed up into the head instead of down the neck, but she has a solid lower jaw and a firm forehead and skull. This limits the amount of deformation slightly and gives additional sensations and realism. Between the suction, internal texture, and slurping, it’s an engaging experience to say the least.

Again, as close to the real thing as you could expect in a sex doll. Unfortunately, the TPE in the oral cavity against the lower jaw was extremely thin in my Suki (around 1mm thick) and very fragile. Within a few days, the TPE had worn through and torn, exposing the lower jaw in a couple of areas. This happened despite using quite a bit of lube, and being fairly careful when cleaning. I’ve contacted Silidoll about the issue and have already heard back from Mig, who awaits my photos of the problem. I’m confident we will find a solution.

Suki is really, really hot. She’s built for bedroom play, and it shows.

Spending Time with Suki

I purchased Suki primarily as a sex toy, though I’ve recently begun to find other ways to spend time with her as well. She is fun to shop for and I’ve bought a few outfits for her already.

Based on the advice of many others who buy clothes for their 100 cm dolls, I went with size 4T tops and 2-3T bottoms depending on how tight I want them to fit. I stick with whites and light colors to avoid staining issues, and bought some cute protective clothes first.

So far, most everything looks great on her, especially if a few tricks are used (e.g. using sashes to improve fit). She’s quite a willing model actually, though off the shelf its difficult to find truly sexy attire in her size. Custom options do exist.


Suki is also an excellent subject for artistic/erotic photography. Light plays well with her skin, which itself is a great canvas for makeup. Her body is flexible enough to take on interesting poses and has detail where it matters. Her face is interesting from many different angles and very expressive.

I will note here that the photos included in this review were taken with an iPhone camera in relatively low light and processed in a photo editor. I have much to learn in the art of doll photography, but luckily there are many excellent artists on TDF who are willing to share their knowledge. I will soon give Suki a proper photoshoot with my Nikon and better lighting, so check back here for more.

Maintaining Suki

Though I’m new to the world of doll ownership, I understand that TPE requires regular care and maintenance. Luckily, mineral oil products are miraculously good at poolsidecleaning and maintaining TPE dolls. A little Mineral oil causes releases dirt and makeup from the skin, acts as a pretty good lubricant, and prevents TPE from loosing its precious bodily fluids.

With a little cornstarch to powder her skin and vaseline for her internals, you are ready to provide excellent care. Cleaning the orifices is not terribly difficult, but drying them is somewhat challenging. I’ve got some reusable tampons made from sea sponges in the mail, which I hope help keep her fresh and clean.

Suki is also a great communicator through her body if one is willing to listen. If trying to move joint in a bad direction, she’ll let you know by putting up unusually stout resistance. Her creaks will tell you when she’s under stress and remind you to be careful with her. She’s a well built and quality product, and beyond the initial issues, I expect to have a nice long relationship with her.

She’ll take normal use well, but I get the sense that a small mistake or act of carelessness may cause permanent damage. In the first weekend, I scuffed her bum a bit because her skin was not properly powdered, experienced issues with a potentially faulty wrist, and found the TPE lining her throat to be far too flimsy for regular use. I think moving to hinged wrists would be great, even if it adds to the cost of the doll. I also like where Silidoll is going with Sukiwaai in that she seems to have a more substantial mouth and throat (and a very sexy tongue…). Some compromises are made to accommodate Suki’s convenient size and low cost, and more experience with dolls will undoubtably help me keep them in their best condition.

That said, I’m confident in the support I’m getting from Silidoll thus far, and I am optimistic that there will be some positive resolution to my particular issues. I’ll update this thread with any further developments.


Final Thoughts
Suki is one of the lowest priced 100 cm+ dolls available from a reputable TDF vendor, yet she performs well above my best expectations for any love doll. I knew getting into this that, on some level, she’d fulfill the doll fantasies I’ve been harboring ever since becoming aware of Realdolls in the late 90s.

dsc_5781-%281%29What I was not expecting was that my relationship with her would become more than just sexual. After spending some time getting to know her, I found that I genuinely enjoy maintaining her, experimenting with her makeup, posing her and taking erotic photos of her. It has been a great journey so far.

She is equally skilled in bed as she is as a low-cost hobby and/or companion doll. For my purposes, I wouldn’t want her a centimeter shorter or a pound heavier. She’s cute, she’s super fun, very photogenic, and clearly the product of excellent design. Even in the face of the issues I’ve encountered, I’d recommend her to anyone in the market for a 100-125 cm doll.

TL;DR – Excellent customer service combine with solid, though not perfect, craftsmanship and super sexy good looks, making Suki an incredible value as a sex, companion, and hobby doll.

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