New curvy baby’s sexy pics series


You know that the 152cm/4ft9 is one of my favorite dolls. She’s sexy, she’s naughty with her big boobs and crazy butt… (even if i prefer the YLDoll 160 butt)

You can see pics or vids: Sophie, The Curvy Doll of Alabina21 or #1 Video of the so sexy curvy body


# 1 Curvy 152 cm (4’9 ft)
huge ass and boobs
with head 142


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  1. This 152 has such a perfect body,I love the look of this curvy doll, She is soo sexy and I love her tight black skirt.Wow she has a great ass and legs.

  2. Una verdadera obra maestra, definitivamente esta sera la muñeca que comprare, espero tenerla el próximo año conmigo.

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