New Boy Toy Doll BT3 **Star**

New Boy Toy Doll calling “the BT3”.

This doll has many upgraded features :) The first head is called “Star

The doll stats:

height: 4’10”
weight: under 60lb
measurements: 32 – 22 – 32 Bra size 32B-32C
Clothing sizes XXS – S
Shoe size 5

Full head design with deep mouth insert. Advanced weight reduction throughout body. New pelvic insert design (photo coming soon).

Second version of this head in R&D to have closing eyes like BT classic dolls. Current model is like an RD2 head.

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  1. I saw the BT3 doll and she was so beautiful I couldn’t believe it. This young lady had dark red hair with hazel eyes and….are you ready……she had freckles! I fell in love at first sight. I don’t have one of these hot dolls but I can see how every young man in the world would like to have her or ya must be gay…lol

    1. Yes you’re right there are so details on this doll. A realistic beauty!

      But I want to moderate your comments, especially in this day of mourning where several people died for no reason, and many of them were gay.
      I want to have a moment of contemplation and thoughts to all these people.

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