New Arrival from Doll House 168

Doll House 168 offers new beautiful TPE bodies with some extra faces :

Doll House 168.jpg

DH168 announce new TPE dolls with body (161cm)


All specifications are:

  • Weight: 33 kg.
  • Material:TPE
  • Height:161 cm
  • Shoulder:34 cm
  • Bust:82 cm
  • Under Bust:62 cm
  • Waist:55 cm
  • Hips:83 cm
  • Arm:50 cm
  • Waist to Knee:37 cm
  • Knee to Floor:47 cm
  • Feet:20 cm
  • Oral:13 cm
  • Vagina:17 cm
  • Anal:15 cm
  • Faces:  Yui, Aoi, Kaede

All info and order at:


And the 138cm Body (Momo, Koi)


  • Material:TPE
  • Height:138 cm
  • Weight:20 kg
  • Shoulder:28 cm
  • Bust:67 cm
  • Under Bust:48cm
  • Waist:43 cm
  • Hips:70cm
  • Arm:42cm
  • Waist to Knee:29 cm
  • Knee to Floor:40cm
  • Feet:18 cm
  • Oral:13 cm
  • Vagina:17 cm
  • Anal:15 cm

All Info and order at:


All DH168 products at :

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