*NEW* 39.4 inch Silicone Doll Carly (TC1125) Now Available!

Carly is related to Mila, as she comes from the same factory and even looks like a miniature version of her sister. This is a great doll for those with limited storage and another big plus she has vagina and anal entry points.

Height: 39.4 inches (100cm)
Measurements: Bust: 20″, Waist: 13.4″, Hips: 21.25″
Model Name: Carly
Model Number: TC1125
Doll Type: Full Platinum Silicone with Metal Skeleton
Weight: 23.2 lbs.
Sex Organs: Vagina and Anal

Doll Includes: Wig and Random Outfit

1. Face 1
2. Eyes: Black, Brown, and Blue
3. Wig: Brown, Black


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