New 100 cm TPE doll from Beautiful Doll

X1TPE身体 %2827%29She is cute, she is sexy and she is a perfect little version of an adult woman you may dream of…

Wanna go on a vacation, but a full size doll is too big to put her into the car? Take Rubi… !

Her specifications and pics below
Ah… She also comes with medium or big breast and there are 3 faces to choose from.

Medium size: B-W-H:51-41-53 Weight: 9kg 12kg with packing

Large size: B-W-H:57-42-53 Weight: 9.5kg 12.5 with packing

2 holes: Vagina and anal

Deepth is about 15cm

Material is TPE.

If you want to know more or purchase Rubi contact us :

Beautiful Doll:

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0 thoughts on “New 100 cm TPE doll from Beautiful Doll”

  1. I think it’s AWESOME that they are expanding the 100cm line. These new faces remind me a lot of the 88cm/125cm San Hui faces. Most heads sell for around $400.00 US shipping included, so not cheap, but gives you the opportunity to create a new sex partner with a head/wig swap. Got my 2 THUMBS UP!

    1. Yes you’re right @dollhammer
      The 100cm body is a great success in the world : two size bodies, 6 or 7 heads… and so many wigs… great choice for lightweight doll lover

  2. I guess my only issue with this particular doll is that she does not seem “oral” capable. Think oral should be “standard equipment” on 100cm and above dolls – IMO.

    1. realdolladdict

      Why did you say that? the mouth hole is too narrow, or the mouth is not deep enough?

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