Nerota want you “meet Kathy WM 165cm K-cup pics and vids”


Nerota is a new dolls fan. He wanted to tell us his new experience with the WM Dolls 165cm K Cup. He wrote a new review on TDF and sent it to me with pics and vids.

I want to thank him for sharing all this with us!

Well she finally here!
1 x 165cm (5ft5) K-Cup Sex Doll
Skin Color: Fair
Head: #56
Eye Color: Blue Eyes
Hairstyle: 5
Vagina: Replaceable 2.5cm
Nipple Length: Long Length
Areola Size: 5cm
Areola Color: Pink
Labia Color: Pink
Pubic Hair: None
Pubic Hair Color: N/A
Manicure Color: Nude French Manicure
Toenail Polish Color: Natural
Foot Style: Stand Up Foot + $75
Accessories (Ships Separately): Add Care Kit + $69
Closet Bar Suspension Kit: CBS Kit -FREE-)


Buy your 165cm K Cup with large nipples and Judy head on


IMG_0014Ordered her on May 12th 2017 from RLSD Real Love Sex Dolls

I’ve been interested in dolls for quite awhile, I’ve noticed my attraction to women shifted from reality to synthetic and 2D (I love a good art style). I used to browse eBay and amazon looking at the dolls for sale and just think “what if” and “why not”.They we’re certainly more affosdable than a real doll. I don’t really have a problem with real women, I just don’t know how to be social with pretty much everyone (although I have no prob online!). I’m very non social,im a filthy weeb or a major geek Ha! Back in April I decided to look more deeply into dolls. I came across realdolladdict a blog with reviews and pictures of so many dolls (Wow this site is so cool!) One of the blog posts was by someone named Dolly Dearest monster reviews of his YL 150cm (stunning :thumbs_up: ) the more I explored the more I was interested. Then 1 sleepless night at 5am, I found… The Doll Forum. Omg there’s so many people out there with dolls,and all this info,reviews,mods/inventions! Oh man I found a great community full of friendly and helpful people.

Any way I looked into some vendors and found one I really like, RLSD. Took me a while to find what I wanted and I found her, the WM 165cm-k cup, at first I wanted to save her for a few years later and in the meantime I was gonna get a 100cm. But then “HUGE SPRING SALE! Discounts on all 140+dolls!” That just pushed me over the edge, well you only live once. So, fuck it. “Ordered” My heart raced when I hit the confirmation button, I felt ecstatic. Now the long wait begins. Well not really, I just got promoted at work so all my time was spent working my ass off. Then on 5/23 about to sleep. “DING!” Mailbox: “Hi please take a look at your beautiful queen and let me know if she is ready to send out to your doorstep” I a scroll down and my heart skips a beat. I answer right away “yes,she’s perfect send her as soon as possible!”

Scheduled delivery date June 5th a Monday by 4:30pm (damn I work that day) I let a family member know about a large package that will arrive, and she says ok. 12:30pm phew time for my lunch break, lets see “checks email: a package could not be received and will be available for pickup by 5pm at FedEx” FFFFuuu-, welp 3:30, comes along and I stay till 4:30 and get a ride over there. Family member: sorry I wasn’t there to get it, they came at 11:30 and I didn’t get back till 11:46. We get to the shipping facility and a get the large box and load it up. “Wow what did you order? It’s so heavy” “eh just some stuff online, must’ve shipped it all on one box” we get home and I take her to my room. My heart is racing. I open the box and feel her through the plastic, Amazing. She’s better than I could have imagined, i just laid next to her for a while, held her, man it’s amazing.

Well to finish this off I had a very good experience with RLSD, they had great customer service. I got my kit but the TPE glue was missing and they corrected it right away. I highly recommend them. Someday I want to get that 100cm,
But for now Kathy will do :). Oh and apparently she’s supposed to have a replaceable insert which I didn’t find, from the look of it I think it might have been a mistake and gotten a fixed. Idk maybe they just didn’t send it, ill contact them later tonight. Well here’s to you CF I know you’ve been waiting, and glad to be part of the K club. :o




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