My new Huge Boobs Olga is here


Thanks you for welcoming my new YL DOLL 150cm Huge Boobs with #142 head.

She’s called: Olga

I will publish some posts about her and tell you about my life with Olga. In this first post, just after the “ZERO” one (My new doll, help me find her nickname!)


Massive Boobs 150 cm (4’9 ft) Cheyenne Head

She arrived on August 22.

I ordered it from who accompanied me to the end. And yes, in addition to the excitement associated with his future arrival, there is all the stress associated with travel, customs and other carriers.
She arrived home with UPS, at the indicated time, even a little ahead. I was looking forward to seeing it, but I still took the time to take some pictures of the package (in case).

I could not wait too long either to get it out


… and it is a bit heavy!

Well this is the normal weight for a doll of this size, but the chest … huge … (that’s why I ordered it), is there for many.

Each breast must weigh at least 11lbs / 5 kg.

So I decided to take her out, to sit and add her sublime face with her lips very fleshy ….

She’s finally there!

Her breasts are beautiful!

But it’s not just that. The face is perfect. The eyes are very deep. the lips slightly makeup really invite to have fun a little more.

I imagined it just a little taller. 4ft9 / 150cm is, for me, the minimal height for a sexdoll. For the future  doll I would rather take it from 5ft2 / 160cm.

But good …it’s convenient to move it, and this does not interfere at all during the “party time” …

But now, I stop talking about her, and I let Olga introduce herself…

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  1. Congrats on the doll purchase and excellent choice! I’d buy the YL150 as well if I was in a position to own one. Perhaps some day. In the meantime please please please keep posting more on this doll.

  2. Lovely! How do the breasts feel? You said she’s shorter than you anticipated. Do you feel the same way about the size of her boobs?

    I am amazed by Una Kaine, the 105cm giant-breasted doll that Climax Doll just released. She is unbelievable. The breasts measure 106cm, which means her bustline is bigger than her height!

    There’s a YouTube video (at least for now …) at

    I can’t believe there’s a doll bustier than the YL150! If they made Una 1/3rd bigger (to about 155cm in height) while keeping everything else proportionally the same, I’d never want to leave home. But the price is right and the breasts even at this size are enormous. ????

    Keep up the great work on this blog!

  3. I got mine a month ago, Head #124(Cheyenne). The best to spent my Money on. Thanks to the Scultor of this fantastic Body.

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