Monster review of DollHouse168 158cm Big Breast


Musabi fell in love with his new baby, a DollHouse168 158cm Big Breast: T

I want to thank him for entrusting us here his opinion and pictures. All this is of course very informative!

As I was searching for a doll, I looked at Realdoll, BTdolls, WMDolls, and dollhouse168 ended up being my choice. Realdoll and their sister company BTDolls were just too expensive for a 1st time doll purchase, in my opinion. The WMDoll that I’d seen advertised everywhere (the blond one on youtube that has a similar body to the 158cm BB they spray with water while the boobs bounce) I felt that the body was nice, but the face was not to my personal liking.

What really clinched my decision (besides the soft featured, realistic looking faces that dollhouse168 designed/manufacture) was the video they released showing the factory. It was nice to see the people working at stations, wearing company uniforms, etc. It just gave it a professional look. {…}


So, once I received the doll, I was pleased with the packaging. It was essentially pristine. Upon opening it, everything was nicely packed and contained in nice little bags.


Weight of the doll

The first thing I noticed that I did not anticipate was the weight of the doll. This doll is a lot heavier than I imagined it would be. Also, since it’s new, the joints are difficult to move pose. The stiff joints are a good thing, as I imagine with wear they will get loose. However the weight was a big surprise.

The breasts


Firstly, the doll looks like a crafted like a work of art. The The breasts on the 158cm are hollow and very “bouncy”. They are firmer than I thought they would be, but the size and shape make up for it.


The faces


The faces have amazing detail – the eyebrows, while not “punched fibers” look incredibly realistic. Each head was wrapped up with foam and inside a cloth bag, and it was with a lot of anticipation (and a sharp, careful knife) that I finally got them unwrapped.


mpinHjChThe only things I will say that are disappointing about the doll are:

1. The legs. I like more shapely, athletic legs. The 158cm BB doll has very, very skinny legs. If this matters to you as much as it does to me, I suggest the 161cm doll. The breasts to hip ratio was the deciding factor for me since I was trying to make it look as much as an anime character as possible, but fundamentally the 161cm BB doll has the exact same breast size and seems to have much more shapely legs.

2. The hips. There’s no way around it. The waist/hip ratio is extreme. It looks great in photos, because it is extreme and the camera likes extremes. However, it just looks strange in person, IMHO. I read somewhere that this “scooping” out of the waist was to reduce the weight, and that makes sense.

3. This particular issue is not really an issue for me, as I did not buy this doll for use as a sex doll, but I am making the comment because I want to make a fair assessment. The orifices are really small. I’m not really sure if that’s a bad or a good thing. I have not had sex with the doll, so I don’t know if it works to the advantage.



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