Maya Wants Her Photoshoot Taken

Maya is South American, she is beautiful, she is desirable, she is young and full of envy. Maya is an YL Doll 151cm 4ft11 E Cup Sex Doll with the new #310 head.

A slender body

Maya looks a lot like a very famous singer, who has made some films. But the resemblance ends there.

Maya has a beautiful, full-bodied mouth and cat’s eyes with a small rounded nose. She has a small pair of pointed breasts, a nice little ass and long legs.

Nude Photoshoot Wanted

Maya, I met her on the Internet. She contacted me because she wanted to do some naked pictures. But she lives on the other side of the United States and it was too far away to just do a test.

So I suggested that I meet her on one of my trips. She obviously immediately accepted.

First Rendezvous

Several weeks later, I went to the East Coast and made an appointment for her to meet me at my hotel after my work session. She arrived just in time and I joined her at the hotel bar.

I already felt at first glance that Maya would cause a shock in the picture. She is super photogenic and has a devastating look. We talked for two minutes and she suggested that we go straight to my room to show me her talents.

As soon as I arrived in my room, I grabbed my camera and we started the test…. and what a test!!!

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YL Doll 151cm 4ft11 E Cup Measurement

  • Height:151cm – 4ft95
  • Weight:29.8kg – 65.69lbs
  • Bust:73cm – 28.74in
  • Under bust: 58cm – 22.83in
  • E Cup
  • Waist:51cm – 20.07in
  • Hip:85cm – 33.46in

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