Long review video of WM 140 vs Sanhui from XS DOLL

191416sitm3w1mm315bqi5XS DOLLS is one of best dolls sellers. They published many reviews of doll they sell.

Today, this is a great comparison between the WM DOLLS 140cm and Sanhui 145cm. I always found so sexy the WM DOLLS 140cm body that i wrote so many posts about the WM DOLLS 140cm.

But today I have to admit that the chinese Sanhui manufacturer has made much progress and now provides quality doll!

Sanhui 145 aka 1AM TC1136 is a silicone love doll. This second tallest Sanhui doll has a body length of about 145 cm and weights 25 kg.  Her body measurements are: 74 cm (breasts) × 49 cm (waist) × 80 cm (hips).

140cm picture %2812%29The WM DOLLS 140cm is one of most popular doll in the world. This TPE doll’s specs are

  • height:140cm
  • weight:23KG
  • Head to vagina :58cm
  • Shoulder width:32cm
  • arm:52cm
  • chest:72cm
  • Lower chest:53cm
  • Waist:51cm
  • Hip:74cm
  • feet:20.2cm

we finally made it! I know you were waiting for more than a month for this review, but here it is, uncensored and honest. I advise having a look at the video, but for those who cannot watch it, the speaking part transcribed below the video.

Watch it in 720p!


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