Little Huge Boobs Aki (update)

Be careful, guys… and girls… it’s going to get very hot!… Here is a new series of photos of the sublime YL Doll 140cm 4ft7 N Cup. For Huge boobs lovers, like me, she’s one of the most beautiful sexdolls on the market.

I already presented her to you in video with the same Aki (#187) Head in: YL Doll 140cm / 4ft7 N Cup Aki

But I can’t help but look at her…. She’s awesome. I love her tight waist and her little butt, with her two huge tits between which you just want to put your head… yes I told you so, I’m crazy about her………

Moreover, this sexdoll is not very heavy, so we can allow ourselves positions that are not possible (unless we are super strong).

UPDATE: i added a special code with 20%OFF…

The YL Doll 140cm/4ft7 measurements

  • Height: 140cm – 4ft7
  • Upper bust: 90cm – 35.4in
  • Under bust: 54cm – 21.25in
  • N Cup
  • Waist: 45.5cm – 17.9in
  • Hip: 80cm – 31.5in
  • Weight with head: 27.8Kg – 61.3lbs
  • Weight for body: 26Kg – 57.3lbs

140cm (4ft7′) N-Cup Realistic Sexy Sex Doll – Aki
1,799 USD
20% OFF with the code ADDICT140

0 thoughts on “Little Huge Boobs Aki (update)”

  1. now she a stunner without having those silly over sized thighs and cottage cheese ass like the last couple of dolls presented

    1. Everyone has his own, my friend! I like both styles… even if it’s true that sexdolls with huge breasts and a slim waist are very exciting!… but sometimes a good big buttt…

  2. Omg I love this one ..every single pinup of this hottie..makes my blood rush..???? ..I can’t wait till I get her..hope this summer!

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