Kimberly, new review of Sumi by Bootylover24 on TDF


Sumi is one of the currently best seller for big boob lovers. And Bootylover24, a senior member of TDF, the best doll’s forum in the world, made no mistake when he decided to get one!

Bootylover24  is a nice doll’s fan and he has reserved you a so cool surprise…

She has the best height (135 centimeters) with a net weight of 57.3 pounds (26 kilos). But the top of this baby is her Bust/ breast circumference: 31.5 inches (80 centimeters) and her beautiful and so sexy XXL booty.



3-1-e1456928710572You can buy yours with this incredible offer of my partner SiliDoll:

Sumi at $1699 !!
This incredible price is ONLY available from my blog!

The price includes import duties, Free DHL Express Shipping, 2 Lingerie and extra gifts (vibrator, cleanser, condoms)
For any further questions, please still refer to, where you may, for any questions, chat with him and reach FAQ section.
By clicking on the “Buy now with Paypal” button, you’re placing the order directly with Sili Doll, who will be promptly in contact for the shipment and delivery.
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Sapman24 is so cool and gave us some best pics he made with Kimberly…

The TDF link review:

Sumi Page on SiliDoll Store:



0 thoughts on “Kimberly, new review of Sumi by Bootylover24 on TDF”

  1. i was looking at this image and video of new sumi with giant boob and big booty ass. i have to say, this doll is looking so hot and make my penis become hard!

    I’m just curious, Will there new video to be make for “sex performance” review”? Also, i notice that vagina is too forward near to stomach area and anus is way too back to ass area. Most silicone and TPE dolls tends to have a vagina and anus that are in close range like maybe 1 or 2 inch between both, right?
    It would be nice if these vagina and anus are together in close range, just in case if i would want to have a sex intercourse with this doll. So, if i stick my erected penis into this doll’s anus and what if i decide to make a switch to vagina in quick way in doll’s same remain position? instead have change doll’s position in order to have a sex perform in proper way. But this Sumi TPE doll look so great. i just wonder and want to ask, thats all. ????

    1. hi Eliseo
      Sumi is great doll and i highly recommend it. You can ask Mig the seller himself on his store. I will ask him if i can have new vids about this naughty girl!

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