Kiko, a Sex Doll Cyborg with a Sword

For those of you who like futuristic movies, you’ve already recognized who Kiko’s sister is… And in this famous movie, you know which warrior fights the bad guys to help mankind to make everyone’s life fairer. We can say that the scenario is not that futuristic!

Kiko, a well-made warrior sex doll…

SEDOLL 077 5ft1 156cm E Cup Video

Kiko is like her sister a cyborg, a humanoid half woman half robot. She has a human heart and a robot body.

She was built by SEDOLL and she is number 077. Her body measures 5ft1 156cm with a “small” E cup chest. SE DOLL didn’t make her as a sexbot like her 5ft5 158cm model that you can find in “SEDOLL’s new sexbot“. No Kiko is a cyborg sex doll deep in her soul. She is human above all.

SEDOLL 077 5ft1 156cm E Cup
SEDOLL 077 5ft1 156cm E Cup

She is young, beautiful and in great shape. She is invincible. Her sublime face #10 is slightly asian, with pretty almond-shaped brown eyes. With her black hair down to her shoulders, that slightly frowned look, she defies anyone who wants to fight her. With her sword, this sex doll will give you death without her expressing the slightest regret. She will have fulfilled her destiny. She has to save the world and she can’t save what’s stopping her.

Human desires

But Kiko is also a woman, a beautiful woman. And she has feelings, desires. She needs to fulfill them with a man or a woman who will give her comfort, sweetness and pleasure. He or she who will be able to heal her war wounds, will also be able to take advantage of the sensual and sexual talents of this sex doll.
Yes because Kiko has a very beautiful body, with to start with a beautiful pair of small round breasts. She also has a very thin waist and a small butt well drawn.

SEDOLL 077 5ft1 156cm E Cup
SEDOLL 077 5ft1 156cm E Cup

And the big advantage of this small model of 156cm is her very small weight. She weighs only 25kg or 55.1 lbs! it’s almost half of my sex doll…
With this small weight, you will be able to make it travel easily in all your universes. The levrettes and other positions of the kamasutra will be much easier. You will even be able to play sexual fights… She will love it!

SEDOLL 077 5ft1 156cm E Cup
SEDOLL 077 5ft1 156cm E Cup

SEDOLL 077 5ft1 156cm E Cup with #10 head

  • Skin Color: light tan
  • Height: 156cm – 5ft1
  • Bust: 75cm – 29.5in
  • Bra Size: E-cup
  • Waist: 50cm – 19.7in
  • Hips: 75cm – 29.5in
  • Weight: 25kg – 55.1 lbs

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