Kazuki789 and his WM Dolls 170cm H-Cup Doll with Head #56

Kazuki (AKA Kazuki789 on TDF) is a great guy and big fan of the WM Dolls 170cm/5ft7 H-Cup Doll. He bought one with the Head #56

He’s a fantastic photographer and he offered his first pics of his lady.

I put a lot of effort into taking pictures of my WM doll. Figured I would share them with other doll owners.

For a few of my photos I used a light amount of makeup, but the way I get most of my shots to look really good is to get the lighting just right. If I edit any of my pictures, I just adjust the lighting and contrast a little, not much though. I also use lipstick and I re-drew her eyebrows with permanent marker. I probably shouldn’t have used permanent marker though.




Sadly, he got some problem with this babe…

Well, I got the stains out of the doll about 50% using similar stuff.

and he found the solution to his problem quickly!

 I also decided to order a new doll because I think they made the fingers a little more durable now, with a slightly thicker wire. Also, there’s several spots the skin tore on the doll. All the imperfections were just annoying me and I also wanted the doll in tan, so it’s all good.

He promised me that he would share his new doll photos with you on the blog… I’m so excited!



His TDF Thread: https://dollforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1236688#p1236688



170cm (5ft7′) Blonde Bimbo Real Sex Doll Samantha

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