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@JunkGuy is a TDF senior Member. He bought his new WM Doll 165cm K Cup last summer…. He experienced a complicated ordering time, but now he is living a new dream with his Brie…

It’s a very long post and i would like to thank him to share with us these excellent tips and pics.

Experience of first order and introduction of my new WM165K

As many of you saw, I had some unusual delays in getting my doll. It took 34 days total, which is quite long from what I see others posting. But all is well and I really appreciate the effort RLSD and WM Dolls put into it to rectify the problem once it was reported. I can say with certainty that they will do whatever they can to fix problems. Barbara, Caresse, and Martine are wonderful ladies who take care of their customers.

05_43I had been wanting to order since about first of August or so. I’d been admiring the K-cup model for quite a while but wasn’t totally sold until I saw the Gabrielle model on RLSD website (or differently named models but same picture set on competitors websites.) I knew then that this face and body combination was the one to have. The problem was I didn’t know my schedule well enough at the time to commit to a delivery window 2-3 weeks out, so I used that time to lurk around here on the dollforum and researching vendors to find out which one I wanted to order from. Settled on RLSD because they’re based in USA, offered every form of option (some competitors didn’t seem to offer areola size choice), several freebies with the order (like doggyball and CBS kit), and they came highly regarded around here from other purchasers.

Finally in a position to order mid-August

I was finally in a position to order mid-August and used their little online chat to pose a few questions just to confirm my expectations, such as assuring I could get factory photos and what I needed to do to ensure I got the CBS kit and doggyball because its not obvious that such a request should be entered in the notes section upon checkout. I’m sorry I didn’t get the name of the employee working the chat the morning of August 18, but they answered everything I had for them. Placed order within half an hour of that conversation.

factoryOn August 30 (day 12), factory sent us photos of my doll, as I had requested. Her areola and nipples were astoundingly dark – darker than anything I’d ever seen from WM Dolls, even on tan models. Maybe this is partially due to the molding process and they might lighten up naturally over time, but I asked if they could be lightened, understanding this might add a few days of turnaround time. They said no problem and I think this is where the train derailed a bit.

Over the next week or two things started arriving, like the care kit and CBS kit. I was still awaiting the doll and doggyball and had a tracking number for the doggyball. DHL had provided another tracking number on a voice mail message, that I thought was for the doll (not realizing at the time that dolls ship via FedEx, not DHL), thinking that perhaps RLSD forgot to provide it to me in time. On Monday, September 12 (day 25), the doggyball arrived with the tracking number DHL had provided, not matching what RLSD had. And no doll.

I still didn’t have a tracking number

Now I was frustrated because we were past the normal 3 week turnaround time and I had no doll or tracking number for her, and the tracking number for the doggyball had been wrong (though admittedly, this probably wasn’t RLSD’s fault unless they totally goofed it – doggyball third party supplier likely gave them bad number.) I asked RLSD to track down my doll, certain now that my request to lighten the nipples and areola had caused her to be misplaced somewhere. Given 12 hour turnaround time for communications, it took a couple more days before she was located, checked out again, and set to be shipped. But all this time I was getting daily updates from the RLSD staff so I felt like progress was being made to resolve. Thursday, September 15 was a holiday or something in China, so WM dolls had promised us she’d get sent out Friday, September 16 (day 29.)

100_4741-1I still didn’t have a tracking number by Monday evening so I asked for another update, and we finally got the tracking number on Tuesday, September 20 (day 33.) She was at the big FedEx facility in Anchorage, Alaska at the time with an expected delivery on Thursday. Surprisingly, the next morning she was already in town and put on a truck for delivery and I got her about two in the afternoon on Wednesday, September 21, after 34 days.

To my great relief, my ordeal was over and everything was just as it should have been. Her areola and nipples had even been lightened to my great satisfaction. WM Dolls is sending me a couple of extra eyes and wigs to make up for my troubles – I appreciate that. And I especially appreciate the ladies at RLSD for staying on top of my issue from the 12th-20th. I was understandably going nuts but they came through for me with daily updates.

Some advice for any prospective first purchasers

Now that I know something about the process, I can share some advice for any prospective first purchasers:
  • This is not an easy purchase, unless you’re just oozing cash. $1000 for the smaller ones or $2300+ for full size models is not pocket change. Do your homework and research your desired model’s features as if you were buying an automobile. Make sure you have a place to store her (or him) and that you can maintain discretion if desired. If you impulse buy, you’re likely to be disappointed.
  • Research your vendors. Find out which ones are dependable; dollforum is great for this. If raising that kind of money all at once is a problem, find out which ones have payment plans and what the terms are. And just because I went with RLSD doesn’t mean the others that get high marks around here aren’t as good. Could be better. I have to defer that decision to someone else who has ordered from multiple vendors. Everyone’s experience is different; just make sure yours is going to be pleasant before pulling the trigger.
  • Find out what specials your vendor is offering. They might be giving away freebies or a discount, but it might be something you have to inquire about.
  • 100_4739_2Always, always ask for factory photos. The time to fix skin, face, eyes or anything like that is at factory. This was especially true for my order. Keep in mind though that shipping damage, skeletal problems and the like won’t show up in a picture, but at least you can address most physical issues like wrong head, body, or skin color.
  • Get the removal vagina. Its more hygienic and a hell of a lot easier to clean than if I had to carry her into the bathroom or carry cleaning material to her. Its big drawback though is it doesn’t open when the legs spread but I’ll take ease of cleanup to that extra little level of realism.
  • Pay extra for the standup feet, especially for the taller, heavier models. So much easier to get clothes on by slipping them on her ankles then standing her up (partially leaning against something else to ensure she doesn’t tip over). Again, sacrifice a little bit of realism here for ease of use.
  • Waiting is the hardest part. Pass the time ordering sexy clothes online or finding things at local thrift stores. When the doll arrives, you can then have several outfits and pass the first few days just having fun playing dress up.
  • 100_4706_2Wash everything in a sink or plastic tub of hot water and a quarter- to half-cup of Downy (I like the Lavender Serenity fragrance.) Swirl and toss the clothes every few minutes until the water cools to room temperature. This will let it soak up the downy scent and smell nice. If the color bleeds, wash it cold in a regular washing machine and light heat dryer cycle, then back into a hot water and Downy bath again. Repeat as needed until it no longer bleeds. A red dress I got probably had to go in the sink 5 or 6 times and the washing machine/dryer cycle twice before I was confident enough it wouldn’t stain the doll. Might still if I left it on all day or night but fine now for short periods. Its sexy as hell but was just full of so much dye. The red isn’t quite as vibrant as it was when new, but it won’t stain and that’s the important thing.
  • Don’t be a moron like me and try to muscle the box upstairs with the doll still in it (unless discretion demands so). Strained my back doing it and dampened our first night together because I was too hurt. Really wish I’d taken her out down stairs then carried her and the box upstairs separately. Also, bend the doll at the waist and knees to hoist her out of the box like a real human being. It did my sore back no additional favors to remove her from the box while she was planking.
  • Plan to spend several hours getting your doll out of the box and ready. I guess you can jump her (or him) right after removal from the box, screwing on the head, and popping a wig on top, but unless your about to burst, take the time to properly check everything: especially those delicate hands. Make sure all the joints can move. This may wear yourself out because some of the joints can be quite stiff until worked a few times. If there’s a physical problem report it at that time before doing anything more with the doll. If all is well, proceed to wash her off with some soapy water and a microfiber washcloth, wash again with water and washcloth only, and then generously apply cornstarch power until the skin is smooth and not so rubbery. Depending on size this could take a few hours (several more if you strained your back and arms already)
  • Be prepared for an odd, artificial smell of TPE, even after wash. Mine had been out of mold for over 3 weeks by the time I got her so she didn’t have an overwhelming, whole-house stink that I’ve seen others complain about, but it’s still noticeable from a couple of inches away.

And now presenting my lovely new beauty, Brie.

100_4733_2Her body is the WM Dolls 165cm K-Cup, head is WM Dolls #74. This is the same combination of the ready-to-order Gabrielle model that RLSD sells. Except mine has natural skin instead of tan, blue eyes instead of green, and a platinum blonde wig (specifically, RLSD #11, long blonde with middle part.) Also the large areola and nipples option. As LJ69 put it, she is the epitome of 26 year old Scandinavian Ice Goddess.
I liked the name Gabrielle that RLSD assigned, but not the nickname Gabby so much so I decided to go with the alternate nickname, Brie. (This decision made before RLSD introduced a new 161cm C-cup model named Brie.) As a twist, I modified her full first name to Gabriella.

As a backstory, I propose that her parents (both of primarily Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish ancestry) were British citizens working in Hong Kong before the Handover when she was born. (Our dolls are born in China after all.) 26 being the ideal age, that puts her birth year at 1990, so I assigned her the birth date of June 11, the date of the Queen’s Official Birthdayin Hong Kong that year and her parent’s gave her the middle name Elizabeth for that reason. They returned to England for a time where she attended primary school, but spending her first few years in Hong Kong she has a not-quite-right British accent. They’ve now all lived here in America for the past decade or so, though of course she’s moved away from home and started her own career as an antique book curator (a similar but fancier and more selective role than librarian.)

She’s shy, but cheerful. She has a minor birth defect where her left ear is slightly misshapen – she’s embarrassed by it and always wears her long hair down to keep her ears covered. She wears prescription glasses. She likes furry animals but cant keep one due to allergies. Loves the color pink and combinations of white and red.

I think she’s a total babe.


Snow isn’t particularly rare in my area, but it is certainly uncommon – just a few times a season and sometimes nothing more than a flurry. So when we actually get accumulation overnight, its a photo op in the morning before it begins to melt off. Brie and I got lucky a few weeks ago with just such a snowy morning.

Apologies for not posting this in January as planned. I got busy with other things. And to be honest this didn’t turn out to be a great set: with the rising sun behind her, it is difficult to discern detail in the blacks of her coat, scarf, and pants. It was a nice idea but didn’t quite come out as intended considering how well the photos with the suns rays peeking through the trees did in the Halloween set. And being 6:30 in the morning I wasn’t completely prepared either. I didn’t have a full charge in my battery so had to switch cameras for the last third of the photos and they didn’t turn out as well (though I was able to clean up the noise and lighten them up in photo editor.) I took a whole new set of photos (indoors this time) for my upcoming Valentine’s Day set so if these don’t “warm” you up, just wait a few days.

For those who have not met her, Brie is a WM Dolls 165cm K-cup Full Figure doll in natural skin tone, with blue eyes, and the large nipples and areola options. Her wig is RLSD’s #11 middle part long blond. She usually wears glasses. Check my signature line below if you want to see more of her.

The coat, scarf, jeans and boots seen in this set were all acquired at the local thrift store; her glasses and headband from a local discount store. This time around, Brie wore KleanColor Madly Matte #14 Orchard lipstick. The teeth are courtesy of VonRubber’s resin oral inserts.

The full 24 picture gallery can be viewed at The Doll Album. You can get a little bit of a striptease flipping through the set in order.



In Love for Sale

Brie wants to wish all of you a very happy Valentine’s Day! She has some advice for you lovesick guys to make tonight a success.

“Treat your sweetie like a queen. Tonight she should sit on a throne and be lavished with fine gifts. It helps if you’ve been saving up for the last few weeks and you’re now sitting on a pile of cash, figuratively.”




If you want to know more Brie, visit the JunkGuy’s Doll Album on:


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  1. Hi, dude, she looks great! Most of us poor schmucks can’t afford this kind of stuff, we have to drool from afar.???????? I’m glad you have the skills to take care of her, she really isn’t just a stroke tool after all.????????????????????

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