Irontech Doll Cecelia

Cecelia is a young German girl, just arrived in our beautiful country. I met her not long ago, when I went to see one of my friends. She lives right across the hall on the same level. She speaks with a slightly pronounced accent, but she’s doing really well.

When I arrived from her building, I was looking for my friend’s name on the intercom. She kindly offered to open up, which I obviously accepted right away.

We found ourselves in the elevator together face to face, alone. It excited me a lot to see her so beautiful, so fresh, with her beautiful blue almond eyes.

Her small pointed breasts were perceptible through her small flowery top. I looked at her without being able to take my eyes off her body. Her long duvets made me want to catch her and share a moment of pleasure with her.

She must have felt my excitement, since she immediately asked me what I was doing. I told him that I was a photographer and that I mainly worked with models… naked. It stirred her up. She asked me to come by her house so I could show her my work.

You can imagine that we can’t resist this kind of invitation. And the next day, I came back with my equipment and a photo book. After a few minutes of discussion, she decided to get started.

She is a Irontech Doll 169cm 5ft6 H cup

Irontech Doll 169cm 5ft6 Specifications

  • Height: 169cm – 5ft6
  • Full Bust: 86cm – 33.9in
  • Under Bust: 66cm – 26in
  • H Cup (US) – E Cup (Europe)
  • Waist: 57cm – 22.4in
  • Hips: 91cm – 35.8in
  • Weight: 38kg – 83.7 lbs.


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