I wanted the tallest possible, most slender, huge breasted doll 


MCupplease is a TDF Senior Member and he wrote a great review on TDF about the HUGE Boobs 165cm/5ft4 doll from Sanhui.

I think his nickname is clear and we know what type of dolls he likes!!

I want to thank him for his great contribution and his agreement to share all this with you.

It seems that I’m in the minority around here, but I wanted the tallest possible, most slender, huge breasted doll on the market and I’m happy to say that this model knocks it out of the park.

To put icing on the cake it is made of high-quality silicone and sold at a price just a little above standard TPE dolls.

The people at Sanhui were lovely to deal with, very kind and understanding as this was my first doll and I had endless questions and concerns. It was built and arrived in about 7-10 days, but I ordered before the upsurge in popularity. Flawless with no surprises.

The features

  1. Fantastic detailed sculpt depicting for me an ideal female body type, virtually never to be found in real-life. Body type as mentioned above.
  2. 20170821_075416The breasts [on mine] are gel-filled and quite soft. Moderately huge and VERY YUMMY, but there are bigger on the market, possibly even more yummy. They look incredible when squeezed together, and the view from below when they are pushed up is heaven.
  3. The skeleton seems to work perfectly well with all the current upgrades with the exception of shrugging shoulders.
  4. The skin is “textured” which means it is microscopically pebbly and seems agreeable but I have nothing to compare it to.
  5. The nipples are very good for size and appearance
  6. The primary orifice is delightful and full of all sorts of corrugations and really reproduces that special feeling very well. Only built-in style is available.
  7. Has the teeth and tongue optional upgrade.
  8. The eyeballs are spring-loaded in little barrels and can be easily moved to be properly aligned and change the direction of gaze. They were very nice to sell me multiple sets of different colors at $15 each.
  9. The breasts although huge and slightly pendulous seem to have thicker walls near the base and probably will be very durable with no risk of tearing.
  10. The weight is reasonable to move around, presumably made possible by the slender torso. The slimness offsets the big breasts for net weight, so the designer really know what they were doing.
  11. Two available types of breasts [and none are hollow].
    1. Solid style breasts stay up high and more straight out, perfect for photography.
    2. Soft gel filled breasts that sag a little bit and are wonderful for touch and snuggling.
  12. Silicone care seems easy. I wash using my hands with dish soap and it rinses squeaky clean. Add powder and done.
  13. Silicone tears can be easily glued shut, very unlike TPE.
  14. I’m liking the delicate features of the face more than I thought I would.

The Detractions

  1. The hips started off very stiff presumably to help keep her standing, but now the right hip has become a little too loose for flexion and much too stiff for distraction out to the side back and forth.
  2. 20171025_170054I initially forgot to regard the advice from the company to get socks on to the feet right away and discovered the hard way that this silicone seems to tear quite easily on the soles of the feet. If standing on carpet any twisting movement will make the carpet grip and tear the material. [My advice is left and place, never apply torsion or traction across the soles of the feet].
  3. Not that I care but there are no glued on realistic fingernails or toenails.
  4. The head wants to freely rotate too much and too easily during use.20170905_224639
  5. I find a scale of the head a little too small for the body and height.
  6. I would prefer that the shoulders [13 inches wide only] would have been made wider. For example JY 166 is 16.25 inches wide. This would have given more realism and provided a wider torso for better wider attachment of the base of the breast for a better shape with the same volume.
  7. The breasts although nice don’t have exactly the shape that I would consider perfect. They are slightly papaya shaped with a maximum circumference of 19 inches but and NARROWING TO 17INCHES down near the root/base of the breast. I would have preferred a wider base that continuously tapers to the nipple more like dollhouse 168 or some of the JY sculpts. As mentioned a wider torso would allow this better shape.
  8. Imperfection with the wall thickness too thin in one area on the side of one breast.
  9. This silicone wall of the breast with the gel inside has an odd and unnatural buckling appearance with the breast moved into certain positions. I work around that by not moving them in that position.

One last item he omitted on “Detractions”

I have gel everything but it’s really the breasts that is the big deal. I would suggest not to get the belly as gel because it causes folds and buckling at the gel/silicone interface when the doll is curled forward or the legs are flexed up.

Useful Tips

Using condoms put gel into the cavity not just on the condom or it will squeegee off. Release compressed air from the cavity by breaking the seal will increase suction.

His conclusion about Sanhui 165cm/ R Cup Doll

9.5/10 for quality of materials, construction, aesthetics, feel, sex appeal, and great service.

And the last but not least MCupplease added interesting suggestions.

My suggestions for SanHui

For a future model my wish would be:

1. Yet taller at 175 cm, with a longer waist.
2. Shoulder width of 16 inches to allow for breast with much wider base.
3. Change the shape of the breast to have a wider base, with almost no sag, no papaya shape. Fuller on the top and beginning higher up the torso closer to the clavicle.
4. Scaled down tighter looking buttocks.
5. Keep slender-don’t change anything else

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