Huger Boobs for Sophia

Sophia is one of the stars of my blog: Sophia is the huge boobs lady of Michael, Huge Boobs Sophia is back

And @Michael, her companion, has decided to make some small changes to enjoy life with her even more.

Sophia was an YL Doll 150cm O Cup, but now she has some huger boobs…

Sophia is back after her breast enlargement. I have filled the hollow breast’s with polyacryl fiber flaces, these are also used to fill pillows.
The breast remain soft and jiggly.
Now enjoy the pictures.


  • Height:    150cm
  • Full Bust: 132cm/52“
  • Waist:         55cm/21.6“
  • Hips:            90cm/35.4“
  • Weight:        38.6kg after  enlargement
  • Weight:        37.8kg  before enlargement

The circumference each breast grows from 60cm/23.6“ (factory) to 73cm/28.7“ after the enlargement.



YL 150cm (4ft 11in) O Cup Sex Doll Body

0 thoughts on “Huger Boobs for Sophia”

    1. sophiahugeboobs

      Hi Dave,
      you could read this on my thread at TDF( Thedollforum) “Sophia’s breast enlargement“, if
      you have any problems let me know.

      1. Sweet, i get the procedure. Seems rather straight forward. you are a genius by the way ???? One question though. Where did you buy the flakes?

    1. Larger than Sophia???? You love HUGGGGEE boobs guys! Just buy an YL 150cm O cup (link above) and after enhanced her breast!

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