Huge Boobs Sophia is back

I’ve already introduced you to Sophia: Sophia is the huge boobs lady of Michael
But I can’t resist again sharing with you the new photos of Michael he kindly sent me.


This new photos series mixes the black and white of its protected in a nightie and sometimes without…

Sophia is an YL Doll 150cm O Cup (like my Olga: Olga in videos…



YL 150cm (4ft 11in) O Cup Sex Doll Body



0 thoughts on “Huge Boobs Sophia is back”

  1. Good, but I think it is time for a new generation of a huge boob doll. Not so small with a nice curvy body with more reality perhaps in 165 cm.

    1. Yehhh you’re right I love the Huge Boobs dolls… I would like to have more pics of the WM Dolls 148cm L cup…

    2. sophiahugeboobs

      Reality I have everywhere, the greatfull is you could choice a doll as a dream comes true.

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