Huge Boobs Roman Warrior

Everyone believes that Rome was built in a day and that it was led by greedy and ambitious men.

I will tell you the story of this Roman warrior, a YL Doll 4ft9 146cm with #188 head, who defeated them all and led them for a few years.

The conquest

A long time ago, the Western Roman Empire went through a confusing and very sad period. The barbarians from the North had conquered the whole old continent, which was not yet called Europe.

From these barbarians, a young blond woman, very small and young, but strong as a rock, came out of the ranks. When she arrived in Rome, she fell in love with the city and its inhabitants. She succumbed to the charm of the arts, the theatre, the voluptuousness of the Romans and their outfits.

She decided to change sides and fight the barbarian who was destroying all these beauties.

She took her sword and proclaimed herself “Empress of Rome” at a time when no one had the courage to stand up to the merciless enemy. The Roman soldiers seeing this very sexy little woman with her big breast and huge ass, could not resist following her. They fought alongside her. And together, they won.

146cm (4ft9′) Thickest Love Doll with Biggest Butt and Huge Boobs – Jada


But the beautiful Empress was quickly caught up by her demons.

She loved sex too much. She enjoyed her big tits so much that she was regularly licked, swallowed and sucked during orgies in her palate.

Her big buttocks excited all the men and women who were in contact with her. She was caught from behind and became the queen of the sexual parts of the time. And at that time, they didn’t refuse each other anything. She was not the last to perform a blowjob or offer her in-breasts to satisfy a huge sex.

But all this could not last, and the vanity and ambition of some people overcame the beautiful…

YL146cm – 4ft8 BBW Measurements

  • Height:146cm
  • Upper bust:108cm – 42.5in
  • Under bust:55cm – 21.7in
  • Waist:58cm – 20.3in
  • Hips:127cm – 50in
  • Weight:47kg –  103.6lbs.

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  1. OMG wow this photoshoot is insane! This doll design is unbelievable, so hot. Makes me want to order but she is expensive.

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