Huge Boobs Queen Is Back?

Do you remember the Queen with the huge breasts? Yes, if you remember….. It was the YL Doll 146 cm 4ft9 BBW: Huge Boobs Naked Queen Salutes You On Video

Well, today I found another queen with super big tits: The YL DOLL 158cm 5ft2 N Cup with the Tala Head. She’s super good, she also has a super big ass….

She’s a great Sex Doll, guys. With her purple hair and her fiery eyes, she won’t let it happen. She’s going to dominate you, guys. She’ll make you miserable.

You’re gonna have to be men to give her what she wants. She wants a real guy with a big… She wants to enjoy it to the fullest.

YL DOLL 158cm 5ft2 N Cup Measurements

  • Bust: 105cm – 41.3in
  • Under bust: 70cm – 27.5in
  • N Cup
  • Waist: 66cm – 26in
  • Hip: 127cm – 50in
  • Thigh: 65cm – 25.6in
  • Calf: 36cm – 14.2in
  • Weight: 56.5kg – 124.5lbs.

YL Doll 158cm (5ft2′) Big Tits Love Doll with Hella Booty – Wooty – $ 2,199.00

0 thoughts on “Huge Boobs Queen Is Back?”

  1. just doesn’t look right the hips to breasts proportions is just so disproportionate it just doesn’t look right the breasts need to be bigger then the hips

    1. I also like big breasts and thin waist… but I can see myself behind and take advantage of this good big fat ass to bounce well, if you know what I mean?

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