Huge Boobs Midget In Pink On Cloud (Video)

I must have dreamed, I think. I saw a very sexy little angel in pink. It was a woman, a WM Dolls 108cm /3ft5 L cup with a very charming face #264.

Her eyes were closed.

Her huge chest made her want to take refuge there, to stick to her to feel her big nipples on her body. She also had a huge ass, which could be grabbed.

I saw her alone on a long cloud, then naked…. But was it really a dream?

WM Dolls 108cm / 3ft5 L Cup Mini Sex Doll

  • Full Bust: 78cm – 30.7 in
  • Waist: 46cm – 18.1 in
  • Hips: 81cm – 31.9 in
  • Weight: 21kg – 46.3 lbs.


108cm (3ft5′) L-Cup Sex Doll with Huge Boobs Midget – Lisha – $1,499 on SRSD


10 thoughts on “Huge Boobs Midget In Pink On Cloud (Video)”

  1. Real doll addict where are the real doll uploads don’t get me wrong I appreciate these other company dolls but I’m trying to look at some uploads of the Lamborghini of dolls…… I mean come on real doll is this website name….

    1. “Real Doll Addict” refers to “A person who is truly an real addict to dolls.”
      Lol I doesn’t mean the brand “real dolls.”

    2. Keith, lol Real dolls are not the Lamborghini. You have it all wrong. Lamborghini’s are superior in almost every single way to normal cars. Real dolls are simply not. its just a different taste.

      A good comparison would be choosing Wireless wifi or ethernet. Ethernet is reliable almost 100% of the time, more expensive (because you need the cable). But you have to deal with the cable and can be annoying.

      Wifi is just as fast, very reliable. Although if you have multiple people in the household, it can lag and use the bandwidth every now and then. But rare. Its cheaper than ethernet.

      Its apples and oranges, just because something is more expensive doesn’t mean its better. I agree it has a longer lifespan, and slightly more detailed. TPE is catching up in detail, but provides way more variety. Look at body shape designs, the options you have with tpe is way more. Especially if the softness matters to you, its more realistic when the ass bounces when she rides. If you want to talk about realistic, Real dolls loses when it comes to the sex experience.

      I have both and I prefer sleeping with TPE more. Real doll is just hanging there in the closet because its not preferable to me.

  2. Can you do a video with her on her back and shaking her back and forth like she is getting it missionary? I want to see her boob bouncing!

    1. I understand that you love this doll!… Hope i can post new vid for you!… Why don’t you buy your own?

  3. Very much thinking about it. What vendor would you recommend? Which are legit? I see the same doll on lots of sites and prices are widespread.

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