Huge Boobs Jojo Is Having Fun

Yes, she enjoyed it… but let me tell you everything!

I want to move, so I decided to start looking for a new house or a large apartment. And for that, I needed advice. There’s nothing like hiring a professional for that. So I went to see a real estate agent. And I wasn’t disappointed.

After a brief phone call and some exchanges, we made an appointment. I went to see her in her office… and Wow…. what a welcome!

South American Brunette

I found myself facing a brunette, not very tall, with a rather South American style face. Her long hair with a few blond streaks partly hid her naked back.

She immediately made me feel comfortable and we started talking about my research. But I was immediately very excited and she understood it very quickly.

She’s a brand new Irontech Doll 4ft7 140cm N Cup, and She has many arguments. She’s a small height sex doll but it allows to limit the weight and therefore to be able to better enjoy her.

Monster Boobs And Huge Butt

She has huge breasts, and even if she wears a white top, she can only hide them slightly. Each boob is a story in itself.

But that’s not all… And as we exchange, she’ll show me what makes her… incredible. I thought her main attraction was her big breasts… and not only… she has a crazy ass.

And for those of you who have not yet watched the video, I invite you to check it out and you will understand what I mean.

She made me enjoy everything. I was entitled to a stripping. And you can imagine the end of the story. So I leave you to your imagination….

Irontech Doll 4ft7 140cm N cup Measurements

  • Height: 140cm – 4ft5
  • Weight: 38kgs – 83.78lbs
  • Upper Bust: 101cm – 39.76 in
  • Under Bust: 64cm – 25.2 in
  • N Cup
  • Waist:56cm – 22.05 in
  • Hips: 105cm – 41.34 in

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  1. Damn she right up there on my list side by side with WM 150cm BBW. Does WM doll have a video showing off the 150cm BBW?

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