Huge Boobs for JY Doll 5ft5 170cm

JY Doll knows how to make sexdolls with super big breasts – P Cup – and obviously you really like it!

Remember! Remember!

I pulled you out, not long ago a little rabbit very sexy and you were many to watch it and comment on this post: Sexy Rabbit Shows Her Huge Boobs

So when I saw these two series of photos, I thought it was time to publish them.

So you loved this beautiful body with the Asian face. It is true that it worked well together. Today, I offer you the blonde and the brunette, or rather the other way around.

The blonde and the brunette

These two charming ladies wear the same style of short, tight dress… everything we love, especially when they have huge big breasts to show.

The brunette has the face #89, hazel eyes, a small black necklace matching her varnished heels. Her face is soft, with fine features.

The blonde with a short square and blue eyes is a slightly Asian European. She wears earrings and small cream-coloured heels. It seems much more torrid, wild. She looks like a more mature woman.

Good big tits.

They both have this incredible body of JY Doll with his crazy measurements: 100cm – 39.4in / 56cm – 22in / 98cm – 38.5in.
for a weight of 43Kgs – 94.8lbs, a little high, but normal for similar shapes.

Big boob lovers have everything they need where they need it.

There is no nude in these pictures and that’s a shame. But I don’t despair of finding you some to make you salivate a little.

JY Doll 170cm 5ft5 P Cup With #89 head on Sex Doll Genie

KECIA – 170CM | 5′ 5″ – P CUP – $1,990.00 

With the #89 head

JY Doll 170cm 5ft5 P Cup

  • Height:170cm – 5ft5
  • Upper bust:100cm – 39.4in
  • Under bust:58cm – 22.8in
  • Waist:56cm – 22in
  • Hips:98cm – 38.5in
  • Weight:43Kgs – 94.8lbs
JY Doll 170cm 5ft5 P cup with #208head on Sex Doll Genie

ROBYN – 170CM | 5′ 5″ – P CUP – $1,990.00 

With the #208 head

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  1. That is the right way. Nice body and big boobs. Please more info about the jelly type from JY Doll. More photos naked would be nice because to buy something without verifying its contents i wont do this.

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