Huge and Tall blondie


Do you know the Waouh Effect? Now Yes!… When i received these pics, I had trouble resuming my breath, my hands trembling, I could not write a word for this post …

This green eyes, these huge boobs, this is the 5ft6 / 170cm M Cup (Bust 102cm / 40.15″) WM Dolls

Her measurements are:

  • Weight: 90.3 lbs / 41kg
  • Measurements: Bust 102cm / 40.15″ – Waist 54cm / 21.25″ – Hips 97cm / 38″
  • Vaginal Depth: 6.7″/17cm
  • Anal Depth: 6.7″/17cm
  • Leg Length: 34″/86cm
  • Shoulder Width: 14″/35cm
  • Foot Length: 8.5″/22cm
  • Shoe Size: Women’s 4.5-5

2 – $1,999

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0 thoughts on “Huge and Tall blondie”

  1. yeeehaaaa what a bombshell!

    i wait for a while to see some videos of this new sexy WM doll.I want to have a better impression before i order

  2. My advise…. AVOID TPE. Chinese advertise TPE as “best” yet there is nothing “best” in TPE. TPE gets beaten in each and every possible domain. TPE rips and breaks too fast, hard to clean, needs powder, cannot store standing on feet or it will deform, it will start to smell in time and so on. The durability of TPE is really awful. In fact all major producers of sex dolls in the world use medical silicone, from Real Dolls to DreamDolls, MechaDoll, DollSweet, etc. ONLY Chinese use TPE. Their only argument is that “TPE is softer and more realistic” but to make things worse TPE gets beaten even in that domain and here’s why. The boobies are WAY TOO SOFT, and natural boobs are soft, but NOT THAT soft, so silicone is again better, when you have oral sex with your TPE, due to its softness the doll’s eys will pop-out, that won’t happen with silicone dolls. Furthermore if you press a TPE doll on its abdomen or buttok your hand will almost goo to the other side, I don’t remember this happening to a real human :))))))) And last point I can make is TPE pussy! Most TPE pussies are really large and if they are not large, they expand really easy without any oposition due to the softness of the material. With silicone, I’ve seen some really tight kittens out there, so again silicone wins!

    Yes I agree, for some reason the most beautiful faces are unfortunately used on TPE such as this blonde hottie. Damn I wish she was also made out of silicone and I would buy her instantly!

    1. Wow, that’s a hell of an argument.
      I think there is a lot to say about the debate between TPE and Silicone. you’ve forgotten the notion of price too, and the fact that it allows everyone to buy their own doll.
      Thanks for you great comment

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