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How about sex half torso dolls?

The sex toys on the market are now becoming more and more diversified, and the products are constantly being updated. In order to meet everyone’s needs, our products are also updated regularly. And today, I just want to introduce to you, our half-length inverted doll. Why do you want to introduce this product? Mainly because she is cheap, her price is much lower than the doll, and the quality is also the same, the weight is much lighter, and there are many styles, so if you don’t have a lot of money to buy a physical doll, then half-length dolls It is also a very good choice.

Advantages of half-length molds:

1. The price is much cheaper than physical TPE dolls;

2. The weight is also much lighter than TPE dolls, easy to move;

3. More convenient for cleaning;

4. Store is more convenient

Half-length molds We not only have normal half-length molds, but also vocal half-length molds and male half-length molds…If you don’t see what you want here, you can tell us, or if you have any suggestions, You can also leave a message below.

The half-length model of the vocal model can be controlled by the app. There is a generator in their ears, and you can choose the sound you want to hear; of course, if you don’t want her to make a sound, then it can also be used as a normal model. Use it without reducing your experience at all;

The male half-length model is the same as the physical TPE male sex doll, except that there are no legs, and their functions are exactly the same, and the price is much cheaper; when your boyfriend or husband is on a business trip, then he is a good companion. You can give you what you want anytime, anywhere, and there are no complaints.

Although half-length inverted models are not able to stand up like physical TPE dolls, their facial features are also very beautiful, and their chests are also very soft, which will definitely give you a different experience. And there is also supporting after-sales service. We will follow up a series of services from product order, delivery, after-sales issues, so there is no need to worry about product quality or after-sales issues. ( can meet your needs.

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