Great News from OR DOLL: 137cm will be upcoming at this end of March with a great surprise


The Long-awaited 137cm sex doll from Or Dollwill be upcoming at this end of march. And it’s a big surprise, because this model will loke like a big busted Manga doll…

It’s the second time after the special Wm Doll’s 100cm Anime Face

But Today, Or Doll excite us with their teasing on TDF…

Her designer is a Japanese senior sex doll design and player. The designer has absorbed a great deal Japanese adult cartoon design.
She has slightly sagging breast shape and Physical perfection. It will attract a lot of doll enthusiasts attention. ORDOLL has a keen eye for detail, so each doll is beautifully finished off.
You could see more pics below.
And last but not least, they prepare a new 156cm sex doll with her head!

We are sculpturing a new 156cm body sex doll ,

Her measurement:
upper Breasts: 95cm
lower breasts: 69cm

… this 156cm doll is going to be thick butt and breasts


The 137cm doll’s heads used 3D-printing technology from Japan. The heads will be introduced slowly in a period of time. The first face is with a layer of slightly open mouth, she is sexy, full of desire and shy, she looks like 18-year-old Japanese girl.

All 137cm body specifications are already known:

Upper Bust :80cm
Lower Bust:60cm
The weight control within 22kg.

The Temporary pricing:1900/pc (include the shipping cost to Europe and USA). The first 10pcs orders delivery time:25 days. Do book ahead from now, the first 10 orders can have a special offer $1850/pc with a extra head.

the TDF discussion:

The Or Doll Website:

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