Exclusive: NEW Passion Dolls Doll coming soon!

You can see in this post the first new pics of the new future body from PassionDolls.com
It will be something like Type A – 158cm (LeAnne, Marylin, Erika…) exclusive but with a droopy natural boob.
Awesome for those that way the biggest natural breast… And I love that!!!!!!!!!!


PassionDolls.com Special Price

And if you’re interested in and want to buy one, just enter the special sda Promo Code in the coupon section and click the [+] button. You will get 100$ offIf it is a TPE You will get $100 off plus 3 free wigs.  Doll must be $1000 or more for it to work

Promo code is: sda100X

0 thoughts on “Exclusive: NEW Passion Dolls Doll coming soon!”

    1. VERY NICE PILLOWS TO SLEEP WITH. How durable are most sex doll nipples to suck on a lot, does anyone know? Are there at least 8cm areola available for these monsters? YUM YUM YUM!!

  1. That just right. The booty need to be just a little more bigger, but right now it okay. Good job on the design.

  2. Eric Scott Spies

    Scott : Amazing can’t wait to see the exaggerated lips and facial features to match the body. Hope this is available soon. I would like to buy one in ebony brown.

  3. Is this the new amber model? It looks different, to me, but oh so similar. I’m curious when this doll is coming out as well.

      1. Thanks, I took a look at the Danielle doll and it doesn’t appear to have the same dimension has as one in this blog post. the butt isn’t has plump and breast have different shape.

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