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@Robbyd is a great lover of doll and he knows perfectly all details of “good” dolls…

First, let me say a few things about Sili doll’s most recent release, Suri doll!
She is absolutely head and shoulders above ANY other TPE doll I have ever owned. You are really missing out on something if you do not get one for yourself!! I have owned other dolls from yourdoll and other companies and while they offer a realistic and beautiful product, they cannot compare to the SOFTNESS and REALISM of Silidoll, PERIOD.


BUY SURI on asexdoll.com just for $1,749 – SILI DOLL Store



Mig, the owner of Silidoll has provided OUTSTANDING customer service and answers EVERY question(and I had quite a few!) in a timely and efficient fashion and is a true artist as well. Thanks for bringing these wonderful dolls to life for us!

This is another true advantage of ordering from this company. From the time I received the tracking, the doll was at my door in 4 days!!! This is unbelievable and the sooner you get your doll, the sooner the fun can start!!


I unfortunately need to sell this doll due to some financial circumstances, so I cannot speak to this but I did place a condom covered finger into her holes and let me just say that there is a nice comfortable GRIP with each hole providing VARIOUS TEXTURES to enhance the feel of sexual intercourse!! She is also a GREAT CUDDLE BUDDY after sex as she falls into place very nicely!

She has tight leg and arm joints but these will loosen over time. Her neck is VERY FLEXIBLE allowing her head to be tilted up and down and side to side as well. There is a slight creaking sound in the neck that will dissipate after time as well and with more use. Her legs can be placed way back for missionary, she can also rest back on her elbows and holds position well in doggy style!! Very nice articulation in feet and wrists as well and poseable fingers!!


Unboxing and Accessories-
Mig is very generous in packing his dolls with a lot of GOODIES!!! A box of condoms, a vibrating egg with moaning sounds with earbuds, several outfits and lingerie and a cleaning bottle that can spray water into her orifices to aid in cleaning!

Upon removing her from the box, I immediately was taken aback(in a very good way!) at how very SOFT her head and face are!! She is very realistic in facial appearance with quite stunning GOOD LOOKS!! The face of an ANGEL!! Good job again, Mig!! I also love the NEW JAPAN LIGHT SKIN TONE which is close to a porcelain true Japanese girl skintone!

VERY SOFT to touch and at the slightest movement of any part of the doll, the BREASTS MOVE and BOUNCE very nicely!! A pleasure to feel, and adding a water based lube will only enhance the experience!

Another good job here by Sili dolls as the vagina is a vast improvement over the Sumi model doll.
A more anatomically correct placement now allows doggy style vaginal penetration where it was not possible before with Sumi! Very nice detailing as well and can be customized with pink or brown color according to customer’s wishes!

Not only this, but it is so thick and meaty in person that it is the BEST BUTT OF ANY DOLL ON THE MARKET AT ANY PRICE, in my opinion and I have owned all of the major silicone dolls including realdoll, Ruby 13, Mechadoll, Boytoy and just about every other silicone and TPE doll out there and as far as I am concerned not one of them can compare to this incredible bubble butt!!! The butt alone makes this doll worth the price of admission and she is priced very competitively for all that she offers!!!





Offered at $1749 on the Silidoll website, this is an Incredible value with all the improvements that Mig has offered in this doll! The new Japan skin tone, the redesigned and new location of the vagina, and the incredible softness(shores softer than any other TPE DOLL!) with the Korean TPE formulation that has to be FELT TO BE BELIEVED!!!

OVERALL, this Suri doll is a NO BRAINER and a doll that will continue to deliver in the sexual department and as a true cuddle companion which I highly recommend.
Stay tuned for future releases from Mig and Silidolls as this company remains on the cutting edge of new technology and will easily stand up to dolls costing double and even triple the price!!

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