Excellent Review of Kendra (aka Suki from Sili Doll)

Suki is the little 110cm TPE Korean Beauty sold by Sili Doll. ValarMorgulis is a great fan of Sex Doll and he posted a long and detailed review of Kendra (aka Suki) . I want to thank him.

I have to share you this excellent post, and that’s it:

It is difficult to have a secret honeymoon, and take pics, and learn all about my new friend that I call Kendra. And I am completely and totally in lust with her.

From ordering to arrival (or in my case pickup from DHL) was 9 days. Not bad at all!

COST: Mig made a most generous offer to me, and I could not say no to getting her for less than the advertised price. Even the coupon offered to us was outshone by Mig’s offer.


APPEARANCE: Facially, Kendra gravely resembles a coworker who is very easy on the eye. Kendra is well formed, and when you can get her warmed up (I almost never can as I have to keep her in an unheated closet) she feels remarkably real. Definitely a sort of Little Person vibe going on (and I do have a thing for shorter women–second RGF was the tallest Little Person, i.e., dwarf or midget to qualify as such). Her TPE skin is a hair magnet, and I am constantly cleaning hair off of her. I have longer hair than is on her wig. I am 6 ft tall, and my hair reaches almost to the middle of my back when l have it down. Powder time!
That same TPE skin feels amazing, whether I am spooning, adjusting her arms or legs, or gently grabbing or caressing her breasts. Once THOSE are warmed up, I am a notch or two closer to heaven.

SMELL: There is a slight odor to my new friend, and even though I have had her out to play only three times since she arrived a week ago, I am already starting to associate that smell with happy memories and good feelings. It is usually only noticeable when I first take her out, and she does leave a slight tinge of an oil spot on bedding if I do not have her on towels.

EASE OF USE: I have quickly learned that even a small doll such as my Kendra requires a lot of work. It took me a few minutes to untangle her wig tonight while preparing for play time, and somewhere in the process (as I already had her wig on) I realized that I was caressing her face. My hands have minds of their own, it seems…where was I? Okay: even though she is not very heavy she is a double handful when it comes time to moving her. She has a double spine as her skeleton to increase her strength and can bend forward at the waist and a little in the back, forward or backward. And when she is positioned properly so that her wireless fingers and toes Re not pinched or bent wrong, she can do an incredible cowgirl or reverse cowgirl; reverse is something I had never had a RG do, even during my pay-for-play times. Her weight is comfortable without being too much, when she is on top. At another time, I was using pillows to help prop her while trying to walk the dog, and I had her at the edge of the bed. For oral negotiations, she does have her mouth that curves upward into her head, but suffers from bulging eyes and face (I have to say it–I was screwing her brains out!) Her wig can hide this nicely, however. And when you see only the hair and not the deformity, it feels amazing. And yes, each orifice has a slightly different texture to it. I have noticed that both lower openings do lead to the same internal cavity, but this does make cleaning a tad bit easier as I can get more fingers or air or water inside to clean and dry.
There are only a couple marked partial holes in the feet where the manufacturing process left marks, maybe it is where the skeleton was adjusted from. They do look a little bit like scars, and as my first grown-up girlfriend had multiple foot surgeries, I am used to seeing scarred feet. It does not detract from the appearance. It is difficult to stay focused; even though I just cleaned up and put Kendra away, I am ready for another round but it is too late at night, and my wife could be coming upstairs at any time.
Her small size does make her easier to conceal. When I go spend a weekend away from home at a friend’s house, I will miss her. He knows about Kendra: I had to tell my two closest friends, so that if something happens, they will know to take steps to keep her secret.
Her eyes are adjustable, and I think they can be removed. I do not have her specs in front of me, but suspect that they could be switched out for a different color if so desired.

I also have a confession–I have owned an inflatable in the past, 20 years ago while I was still a virgin (I could drink legally before I lost my “V!”) and while I tried to make things work, it was a little too rough around the orifices.

That is NOT a problem with Kendra. Orally, vaginally, or anally, she is better than I hoped for.
I own 2 Flesh lights and an Auto blow 2.
After meeting my new friend, I can’t ever see going back to them unless I am traveling and can’t take her with me.

Her feet and hands, aside from being boneless, or very realistic. I almost wanted to try taking her prints (and that would cause major staining!). I am still trying to learn how to dress her, but for some strange reason she does not like to wear clothes. It is a shame, because Mig did give me a Santa outfit as well as a bra and panties set with a pink see-through nightgown. Dressing her up takes away from my already strained and limited time with her, but one of these days soon I will have the place to myself, and then she will play dress up as well as hide the sausage.

CONCLUSION: While Kendra is my first realistic doll, I do have my early 90’s inflatable and my previously mentioned male masturbation toys to compare her to. While she takes more work and effort, she is worth every minute! In my opinion, she feels much MUCH better than any of my toys, past or present. I am certain that I will catch myself daydreaming about her soon, like tomorrow morning when I wake up. I look forward to many months of enjoyment and becoming a better man, as my understanding of the human condition improves with Kendra.
Many many thanks to Mig for reaching out to me, and if life allows, I will happily give Kendra a sister. Saiko looks like a lot of fun, but as I am a large breast lover at heart, I may have to give Sili a try or even the large breast standalone toy.



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