EX Doll (DS Doll): New EX-Lite polyurethane foam doll… less than $600


That is EX-Doll (DS DOLL) new product called DS-Lite (EX-Lite).
The doll is made by foam. It is very light, only 5~8 kg (11-17.6lbs)  165cm (65 inches).

Currently 500 models are made and selling with a big promo in China just for equivalent price of $374 (¥2,499)!! The regular price is $595 (¥3,980).

Inside is plastic skeleton which much stronger with new design mechanical structure and the body is 6 parts, legs, arms, body and head, it can make the storage much smaller.

Because the foam material, it always feel warm. even in the winter season.
Also, the foam doll’s price is much cheaper than silicone doll.

This new product will be ready soon for USA and Europe. DS DOLL are working on the last produce processing.




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  1. When will they have more info and nude pic.of this doll and when will it be ready for sale in the U.S.A. EX-Lite Doll by DS dolls what will be the price and shipping on her. Thank you,

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