Emma Sex Doll Robot

Emma is an AI Talking Sex Doll Robot, Artificial Intelligent Sex Robot with Facial Expression Deep Learning. She can connect in WIFI or Bluetooth for settings

Except for the basic sex function, Emma can chat with people in English and Chinese smoothly. Her eyes, mouth and head can move, she has a facial expression like smile, make faces, wink and so on.

But Emma is also a really cool TPE Sex Doll with great boobs and nice ass. These are the first videos and photos I receive and I also look forward to your comments.

AI AI Tech (http://www.ai-aitech.com) are the one and only manufacturer who can produce the real artificial intelligent sex robot in China now.

Emma Specifications

  • Height: 165cm – 5ft4
  • Breast: 86cm – 33.8in
  • Waist: 51cm – 20in
  • Hip: 84cm – 33in
  • Weight: 35kg – 77.1lbs

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  1. checked out their website and no, they’re nowhere near AI and from the looks of it, they’re pimping dolls from other manufacturers.

  2. Here’s a shorter less statistical reply since I tried to open a picture form this page into a new window and it screwed the paragraph I had worked here.
    All 8 dolls from their ‘humanoid sex robot’ page are listed with the same body measurements.. when clearly their boob sizes vary from near nothing to the very ample jy150. I am sure I have seen the doll in the photos on this particular forum post before as well – without the plastic box placed into the over cut hole behind the arm. Even in their News “product” section, bottom photo, section titled “How to maintain and clean your silicone/TPE adult doll ?” That photo isn’t even theirs as I have seen that photo set as well. Took me a while and was the cause in the delay of finishing the first copy of this message that has since been erased. Anyways, that photo contains an AF161 and can be seen from https://www.sexxdolls.com/collections/af-sex-dolls/products/af161-2
    The thing is, they may make AI head components, wifi link back to a computer.. but doesn’t appear that their bodies are their own. Maybe they retrofit other company’s? There’s several warning signs including using the term silicone all over the place but then the doll sections its M-TPE or TPE-M. They also use creative artwork from where ever. Usually a company trying to promote a product will either hide or show what they have going on. This company’s artwork has those heads being armored cabled, loose wired, chipped, or even terminator movie style construction… when obviously they aren’t – Intentional misleading or just creative representation.
    And No, I haven’t been to their company or bought their product. I don’t know whatever other people see – hopes and dreams of the possibilities or a logical approach? The best evidence to support my claim is to look over what they presented to the internet on their own site. These are NOT typo’s or poor website building…. I believe they are stretching the truth of what they are capable of producing and supplying at this time.

    1. Thank You Tom… I have to check the company in depth. I’ll add an alert on the post to avoid confusion

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