Emily, The Bra Destroyer

Emily is  the new Doll of @Micofm. She’s an YL Doll torso based on the YL Doll 150cm Huge boobs you’ve seen in: NEW YL Doll Huge Boobs Torso
@Micofm is great guy and after he published a special thread on TDF: Emily, The Bra Destroyer – YL150cm TORSO Review, he contacted me to spontaneously share with you his review and photos on the blog. I thank him warmly for that. If you are interested, I strongly invite you to read his full review on TDF. The URL address is at the bottom of this post.

He also has a surprise for you in the coming days as he promised exclusive shots for the sda Blog!


Excellent, for me at least. It’s a huge advantage not having to worry about fragile hands or feet and long limbs. This includes posing, dressing, cleaning, etc. Less doll is less work.
There is some lost realism with having a torso over a full doll. I already see that comparing my full size fabric doll which is a different experience to the torso.
I wonder how much more real it would feel with a full doll, but it’ll be a compromise of weight, ease of handling, storage size and price, but I’m thinking it would be worth it in the future.
One of the lightest and largest breast combinations currently available.
27+2kg is light and easy to handle.
Thighs allow for free sitting and additional poses/positions.
No fragile limbs, hands or feet.
Cheaper than a full size doll.
Full size doll is available as well (YL150/BB)
Insert or removable vagina

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