Dolly Dearest New Pics


Many of you have asked me about Dolly Dearest and Tootsie ‘s dolls.

These two dolls are YLDOLL 150 with some loving HUUUUGE boobs. Dolly Dearest is great guy and he was ok to let me show you his new photoshoot.

You can  see below his angel totally naked and with a sexy dress… Have fun!

1483411801588_000tania.jpg Special Price: $1,889.95

And if you’re interested in and want to buy one, just enter the special sda Promo Code in the coupon section and click the [+] button. You will get 100$ off. If it is a TPE You will get $100 off plus 3 free wigs.  Doll must be $1000 or more for it to work

Promo code is: sda100X


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  1. Thomas Garcia Sr.

    Want a Doll around 4′ 9″ to 5 ft. 96lbs, small waist, Breast 34-36C. Black Hair, Tan Skin, Green Eyes

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