DollLover27 tell us his love story – Part 1


DollLover27 is an active poster on TDF. He recently buy a 158cm LeAnne from I invite you to read or re-read the great review of Roadside28

He created a excellent thread on the famous dolls forum with many photos. I could not resist showing them to you in several episodes,… like a beautiful story.

First Part: The arrival of LeAnne

Sooooo this girl arrived today … (158cm LeAnne)

I got home just 15 minutes before the courier drove up! talk about timing.
Just a few quick pics of the unboxing and her next to a tape measure for people to get a reference for size. I know I always appreciate a measurement reference when looking at dolls so it gives you a god idea of sizes (height, width etc)
What can I say besides … WOW!!!!!!!! All the pictures and videos do not do this girl justice! Passion Dolls got it bang on with this design. Amazing! Don’t even get me started on the jiggle factor!!!
I plan on doing a review in the future but for now i know some members are very keen to see this doll in new photos and i know i was eager to see new pics the second i placed my order. I will try to not disappoint and post as many photos as i can over the next few days. Stay tuned fellas.

1483550173059_158cmexclusive-blond Special Price: $1,855.95

And if you’re interested in and want to buy one, just enter the special sda Promo Code in the coupon section and click the [+] button. You will get 100$ off. If it is a TPE You will get $100 off plus 3 free wigs.  Doll must be $1000 or more for it to work

Promo code is: sda100X





First Red one piece


The TDF Thread:



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