DollLover27 – Animal print teddy – part3

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Third part for the DollLover27’s doll story.

For this one (this BIGGG one ;-)), his huge boobs baby is wearing “Animal print teddy”

He gave us some infos on “Shipping Dolls in Australia”

Shipping for me was as follows

06 March – notification she was getting picked up to be shipped
08 March – Arrived in Australia
09 March – Held by customs for inspection and awaiting payment of fees (man customs suck!!). Paid fee straight away it was an option to not delay her any more than needed. Released from customs same day
10 March – unfortunately she was moved around to prepare for delivery. This was a Friday … which meant the wait went into the weekend. Possibly one of the longest weekends of my life!
13 March – Monday. At my door and out the box straight away :D

Hope that helps out any members who ordered her for Australia delivery. I placed my order i think at the start of Feb.

1483550173059_158cmexclusive-blond Special Price: $1,855.95

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