Do You Need A Nurse At Home?

I do…. Today she has put on a lighter outfit. I also like it a lot when she puts on her transparent blouse and has a nice lingerie underneath.

It is hot and she has to practice a lot of care. So she preferred a simple bodysuit that doesn’t hide much anymore.

She is a WM Dolls 157cm / 5ft2 B Cup and she is proud of her body.


157cm (5ft2′) B-Cup Most Realistic Latina Sex Doll – Corina – 2,199 USD

The measurements of the WM Dolls 157cm/5ft2 B cup

  • Height: 157cm 5ft 2
  • Full Bust: 67cm 26.4 in
  • Waist: 48cm 18.9 in
  • Hips: 77cm 30.3 in
  • Weight: 28kg 61.7 lbs.

0 thoughts on “Do You Need A Nurse At Home?”

  1. this is my favorite WM Head, will def choose this head if i ever get a WM Doll, the face is cute with a slightly bitchy look

  2. dollsinconverse

    I love dolls in converse! So this one has to take care of me! And i’d also take care of her and her shoes ????

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